Oh, hey!
I’m Tiff.

I’m a writer, cosplayer, and notorious coffee fiend.

My fandoms are Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Disney, and all things ’90s. I do a mix of closet cosplays, cosplay suits, and cosplay builds. When I’m not cosplaying, I’m running my business, cuddling my pug, and working on my writing.

Favorite Character: Harry Potter. The sass is what gets me!

Favorite Book (as of 2020): You by Caroline Kepnes

Favorite Movie: Iron Man

First Cosplay: Thor (see below)

First Convention: Megacon Orlando 2016



first convention

It was May 2016, and I had just graduated college. My sister and I were visiting our hometown and she asked me if I wanted to go to Megacon Orlando that weekend.

I had been writing for an entertainment publication for a year at this point, so I was vaguely aware of cosplay. For some reason, my sister was a little surprised when I said, “Uh, yeah!” and we went back to my Orlando apartment that same weekend, scurrying to put together some kind of cosplay.

Stepping into your first comic-con is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. It’s almost on par with going to Disney World for the first time. It’s equal parts overwhelm and excitement. It’s a little chaotic, but it’s adrenaline that fuels you for the entire 6-10 hour convention.

I was hooked instantly. I started writing about cosplay for work, but then decided to create my own website specifically for cosplayers and cosplay fans. 

Which is where you are right now. 



about cosplay & coffee

Cosplay and Coffee was originally meant to be a website and YouTube channel for cosplayer interviews. 

That lasted about a year before I decided I wanted Cosplay & Coffee to be my own space. 

While I still host conversations with cosplayers over coffee, now you’ll find tutorials, eBooks, and my own take on cosplay and the community from my point of view!


Questions? Contact me here.