Yaya Han Foam Review: Initial Thoughts

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So my plan was to do a full-fledged Yaya Han Foam Review, complete with a YouTube video. However, at the moment I am on brink of flying off to another country and I like to procrastinate. In short, I didn’t have time this week.

I did have time to play with it a little bit, so this is pretty much going to be a review of my initial thoughts on Yaya Han’s EVA Foam which can be found at most local Joann Fabric stores. 

I’ll add on to this review later on once I get the video together. So make sure to bookmark this blog or subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see a more in-depth review of this product.

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Thought #1: The Drama?

It is amazing when creators do so well that they become an icon in their niche. Yaya Han is one of the first people who has been able to turn cosplay into more than just a hobby. This not only helps people outside of the community have a better understanding of what cosplay is all about, but it gives cosplayers more access to the products and information that we need.

That being said, before I even purchased the foam, I did some research of my own. There aren’t that many Yaya Han foam reviews (at least that I could find), but there is a surprising amount of drama. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I saw people bashing their fellow cosplayer about either the price of the foam or the fact that she’s doing this at all. I don’t really understand where this hate stems from. I thought the cosplay community was known for its inclusiveness? 

All that to say: chill out people. What she’s been able to do in phenomenal, and if you don’t want to support it, at least don’t make blind accusations about her product.

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Thought #2: Yaya Han Foam Price

Another thing I saw a lot in Facebook comments about Yaya Han’s foam is the price. On Joann’s website, it’s listed at $16.99 for one EVA Foam Sheet – 24″ X 40″ X 5MM. Based off of the price of her competitors, this is undeniably a much heftier pricing point. But as most cosplayers know, Joann’s is relentless with their coupons and discounts. So right now it’s only $12.74 online. 

People also frequently asked if coupons apply to Yaya Han’s foam at all. Some people said that it didn’t, which I’ve now found isn’t true. You can absolutely use any Joann coupons of this EVA foam as long as it’s listed at full price. The only way that the coupons won’t work is if there is already a discount labeled on her product. 

That’s actually what happened to me. So instead of being able to use the current coupon of 60% off a full-priced item at Joann’s, I had to settle for the 25% off which was specific to the Yaya Han foam collection. Yes, it kind of sucked, but I walked away paying a little over $12 for it, which is the general price point for all EVA foam.

Thought #3: It’s Effective

This is a broad statement, so let me clarify. I cut out some patterns for the start of my genderbend Buzz Lightyear and I had PLENTY of foam. I was able to cut out all the pieces I needed for the entire chest piece, and I can probably get an arm bracer or two out of what’s left. 

It’s also effective because it’s convenient. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate waiting for supplies. If it’s not on Amazon Prime or at a local craft store, I’m not likely to buy it. I’m too impatient and too much of a procrastinator. The fact that Yaya Han made it so that cosplayers can pick up quality foam locally is another reason I don’t understand the drama associated with this product. It’s. So. Convenient.

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If you want to know more about how this EVA foam actually performs, watch the full review on Cosplay and Coffee’s YouTube channel!

Have you used Yaya Han’s EVA foam yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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