Where to Get Cosplay Costumes for Your Next Comic Con

With Indy PopCon ending and Comic-Con in Tampa just around the corner (according to every bus bench that I drive past), my eagerness to join the cosplay committee has become extreme. Of course, I wouldn’t be a true fan if I didn’t dress the part. So for me and all you future cosplayers, I’ve dug up the best places to find your costume for when Comic-Con, Wizard World, or any other comic convention comes to your town!


With 141 different costumes to choose from, Angel Secret offers the best, specializing in Disney Princess attire. The store is based in Hong Kong, but cosplayers from all around the world find their perfect attire here!


These costumes are tailor made, inspired by the most popular movies and television shows out there. You can deck out in wardrobe anywhere from Les Miserable all the way to Breaking Bad. Or with all the buzz on the new Suicide Squad film, try on this Harley Quinn for size!


This site is geared more towards the ladies, but any and all cosplay needs will be met at Yandy! Be a Sassy Spidergirl, Babe Assassin’s Creed, or even a Sexy Storm Trooper!

NataLoveCosplay @ Etsy.com

It’s not surprising that Etsy offers a lot in the way for cosplayers, especially if you’re into making your own costumes Frankenstein-style (in other words adding bits and pieces to create your very own, authentic cosplay element). But if you’re not the crafty kind, many

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