The Collected Mutineer Interview

Welcome to the third session in our series of TEN interviews, each featuring one of Cosplay & Coffee’s official Instagram page models! Each of these girls offer incredibly well-crafted and stunning cosplays, so here is your chance to get to know them a little better.


The Collected Mutineer is a Californian cosplayer. She’s a writer for the fandom blog, The Collective. In fact, she’s also a contributing writer for Cosplay & Coffee. Her cousin is The Collectress, and together they are taking over sunny CA to cover as much cosplay ground as possible.
The Collected Mutineer Cosplay and Coffee

Photo by: @gerikramerphotography

Cosplay&Coffee: How long have you been a cosplayer?

Collected Mutineer: I’ve been dressing up since I was a kid! But real honest-to-goodness, dedicated cosplay started happening in 2014. In only 3 years, I have grown so much as a cosplayer, and I want to keep improving! 


Cosplay&Coffee: Is there a particular character that got you into cosplaying?

CM: Yes. I have a weakness for Lady Loki. 


Cosplay&Coffee: What are your passions?

CM: I am a huge bookworm, and I love writing. I’m passionate about learning, expanding my worldview, and being creative. I think that cosplay fits into the things I love pretty well. It’s an opportunity for crafting and self-expression, just like writing is. 


Cosplay&Coffee: Which character has been the hardest for you to cosplay (from wardrobe malfunctions, to just not feeling the character)?

CM: I did a “casual” cosplay of Peter (Petra!) Parker at Long Beach Comic Con last year, and it just didn’t work out the way I had wanted. I went casual for the day because I wanted to take pictures of other cosplayers, and the outfit I wore was supposed to emulate one of Peter’s from The Amazing Spider-Man. But it was way too hot, and didn’t feel the way I had imagined it would. I ended up ditching half my outfit so that I could breathe properly! I would like to redo it in the future…but maybe only in the winter. 


Cosplay&Coffee: What was the last TV show you watched? Tell us about it! 

CM: I’m watching season 4 of The 100, and loving it! I write about it occasionally for The Collective. My cousin @collectresscosplay and I are also binging the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, which is about Drew Barrymore turning into a zombie. It’s hilarious, but also a little gross, so don’t watch it while you’re eating dinner! 


Cosplay&Coffee: Have you cosplayed a character from that show? Do you want to?

CM: I would love to cosplay Lexa or Octavia from The 100. They get the cool warrior/post-apocalytic clothes, armor, and weapons! 


Cosplay&Coffee: If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?

CM: My list used to include 3. Jared Padalecki, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tom Hiddleston. I’ve met the first two, so Tom is next! Although I think I would probably cry and possibly faint. 


Cosplay&Coffee: What advice would you give your high school self?

CM: Don’t care about what your classmates think. Stop trying so hard to fit in.


Cosplay&Coffee: What is your aesthetic?

Expectation: The 1940s. Think Agent Carter or Casablanca.
Reality: Lazy cat lady. 


Cosplay&Coffee: We all know it takes special motivation to be a dedicated cosplayer. Coffee helps us! So, what kind of coffee do you usually drink?

CM: I love hazelnut flavored coffee, and any of the blends you can get at Disneyland. I’m also a sucker for chai and English Breakfast tea (hey, it’s caffeine—it counts!) 


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