This Girl’s Disney Horror Makeup Is To Die For!

This Girl’s Disney Horror Makeup Is To Die For!

You may remember Mykie’s makeup work from last year when her shoot of Harley Quinn tattooing the Joker’s back was mistaken as a leaked photo from the then upcoming film Suicide Squad.

Her look was so convincing that DC Live Feed (a fan account for DC Comics fans) unknowingly tweeted the photo as a leaked picture from the new film. Mykie and her Joker partner-in-crime (her friend, Kaleb), perfected the look after Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn guise was first released in 2015. The debate over whether the picture was real or not shows just how talented her makeup work is.

But don’t let Mykie’s stunning beauty deceive you. Since Mykie stirred the debate last year she hasn’t stopped, and nowadays her Instagram is crawling with brilliantly horrific works of art. As a self-taught makeup artist, she has gained national attention for her impressive (which is an understatement) makeup work. She has 1.2 million Instagram followers and 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

Check out one of her makeup tutorials here:

Mykie has continued to work on her stellar makeup skills, along with the L.A. special effects team known as Glam & Gore. Her Youtube channel describes her work as:

“The swiss army knife of makeup tutorials. Beauty. Special Effects. Avant garde. Industry advice. Products. Foundational teaching. There is something here for everyone, and if you hate makeup, I invite you to at least laugh at my strange face.”

Besides the illustrious and truly glamorous makeup skills that every girl dies to posses, Mykie’s  attention to detail includes graphic and gory versions of Disney princesses:




or Beast?


Snow White

Sleeping Beauty




Clearly, Mykie isn’t only confined to gorifying Disney princesses. Her other elaborate horror makeup is to die for and is an incredible inspiration for the upcoming Halloween season.


Oh, if only I could look so Glam and Gorious!

What do you think of Mykie’s horror makeup looks? Tell us in the comments below!

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Emma Watson’s Look-A-Like Will Make You Do A Double Take

Emma Watson’s Look-A-Like Will Make You Do A Double Take

In a casual stroll through Instagram galore, it would be natural to stumble upon a photo like this and think, “Hey, it’s Emma Watson’s Instagram.”


When in fact, this isn’t Emma Watson at all. Megan Flockhart is a style blogger and new cosplayer who just happens to look exactly like Watson!


Followers on Megan’s Instagram routinely remind her of her likeness to Watson. It’s unbelievable how much her facial features look like the famous Harry Potter actress, from the smirk to the smoky, dark eyes.


Coincidentally,  Emma Watson and her twin have a lot in common:

They Are Both Feminists On The Path To Activate Female Rights.


“Other women are not my competition, I stand with them not against them”

Emma Watson And Megan Both Enjoy A Good Read.


Their Sense Of Style Is On Point.


Elegant and classy.

And They Both Fit Hermione Granger’s Character Perfectly.


Megan Flockhart’s Hermione Granger Cosplay

“I could literally write novel about how much I not only relate to but also admire Hermione, [sic] since I was 10 she has inspired me to take education seriously, love who I am regardless of the judgement of others and to stand up for what I believe, so it only feels right that my first “proper” cosplay is my Favorite character of all time! ”  -Megan Flockhart , ‘Scottish Tea’

On her blog, Scottish Tea, Megan posts about her unique fashion style, which is typically derived from females that inspire her. She’s fashioned herself in the style of Professor McGonagall, Alice in Wonderland, Marie from The Aristocats, Eleven from Stranger Things, and Chanel from Scream Queens.


The Scottish doppelgänger has been featured in style magazines such as Billabong, Hades Magazine, Free People, Hound Magazine, and Vogue Italia. She was even invited to Company Magazine’s #stylebloggerawards in association with Missguide for “Best Personal Style Blog.”


And how perfect is this picture of Megan with a Chip cup from Beauty and the Beast???


You can get confused by Megan’s uncanny resemblance to Emma Watson by following her on Instagram here.

Do you think Megan looks like Emma Watson? Tell us in the comments below!


[Sources: Instagram, Scottish Tea]

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Great Scott! Back to the Future Shoes???

Great Scott! Back to the Future Shoes???

It’s 2016, which means we’re a year behind the fashion styles that should have erupted by now…according to Back to the Future. Doc Brown clearly indicated that jeans and reasonable button ups are a thing of the past, and in order to fit it with the 21st century, Marty needed to dress himself with pleather jackets, technicolor caps, and power lace-up sneakers.

Well quite reasonably, the fashion sense of the alternate 2015 universe is quite different from what we actually have today. It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t take to the plastic neon headbands and the gawky armor.

But the shoes were pretty sweet, right? Why can’t we have those?


Back to the Future Shoes

Well fortunately for you, I’ve dug some select BTTF styles! The shoes can actually be found at Halloween

Back to the Future 2 Light Up Shoes

Yeah. They light up.

Last night, I literally watched all three Back to the Future films, plus the newly released Back in Time documentary-esque film. They’re all on Netflix! So instead of cleaning my house as I planned, I binged-watched the entire series — and then some — and naturally thought of three or four new cosplay ideas!

These shoes look like they came right out of the movie. Plus, they’re pretty unique, so I can see a Marty McFly 2015 cosplay really taking off.

And even though the hat is silly for today’s style, it would be a cool relic to have, and of course, it tops off the McFly cosplay!

2015 Marty McFly Hat

Did I mention you can get the Hoverboard, too?

Back to the Future Hoverboard

Ah, so many ideas!


Get more costumes at:

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.


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Where to Get Cosplay Costumes for Your Next Comic Con

With Indy PopCon ending and Comic-Con in Tampa just around the corner (according to every bus bench that I drive past), my eagerness to join the cosplay committee has become extreme. Of course, I wouldn’t be a true fan if I didn’t dress the part. So for me and all you future cosplayers, I’ve dug up the best places to find your costume for when Comic-Con, Wizard World, or any other comic convention comes to your town!

With 141 different costumes to choose from, Angel Secret offers the best, specializing in Disney Princess attire. The store is based in Hong Kong, but cosplayers from all around the world find their perfect attire here!

These costumes are tailor made, inspired by the most popular movies and television shows out there. You can deck out in wardrobe anywhere from Les Miserable all the way to Breaking Bad. Or with all the buzz on the new Suicide Squad film, try on this Harley Quinn for size!

This site is geared more towards the ladies, but any and all cosplay needs will be met at Yandy! Be a Sassy Spidergirl, Babe Assassin’s Creed, or even a Sexy Storm Trooper!

NataLoveCosplay @

It’s not surprising that Etsy offers a lot in the way for cosplayers, especially if you’re into making your own costumes Frankenstein-style (in other words adding bits and pieces to create your very own, authentic cosplay element). But if you’re not the crafty kind, many

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