Harry Potter DIY Wand Display

Harry Potter DIY Wand Display

harry potter diy wand display

I never planned on doing a Harry Potter DIY wand display. I have had three Harry Potter wands sitting in their little Ollivanders’ boxes for the past year now. But after I saw this nifty little board at Walmart, I decided to embark on the journey of creating my own handmade wand holder. And in case you saw my Everything You Need to Know About the Wands at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, here is how you can make one, too!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • A wooden board, a frame, or a shadow box
    • Gold Hooks
    • Mod Podge (Optional)
    • Print of your favorite HP spell, quote, or picture (or a decal)
    • WANDS

Now, you can always take the easier route and embed your hooks into the sides of a picture frame. Then all you will have to do is simply print out your favorite picture, quote, or spell to go into the photo slots.

Or you can use a shadow box and fill it with all of your favorite Harry Potter things. You can even just buy a decal for the glass and use the shadow box for dimension. And voila! You have a unique handmade wand holder.

There really are limitless  options.

I wanted mine to be a little different, so I used the Mod Podge method.


Here are the steps for my Harry Potter DIY Wand Display:



Step 1: Paint, Wood Stain, or Burn your wood.

DIY wand display

I wanted my wand holder to look a bit more dramatic, so I simply burned the craft wood board I bought from Walmart. I used a Zippo lighter, but this gets HOT very quickly so I recommend using a torch lighter or something with a handle.

You could also use paint if you a looking for a colorful/lively display. Using my house colors was another idea I considered! Or you can use wood stain for a more traditional aesthetic. (like something you would see inside Hogwarts).


Step 2: Find your favorite Harry Potter-esque quote, spell or picture

DIY wand display

I love the quote from J.K. Rowling’s speech at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2  premiere. It also went well with the picture I choose! Print both of these out on regular computer paper, as a mirrored image. If you want to use the exact pictures I did, submit your email below and I will send you the PDFs!

If you are using a shadow box, you can skip this step and just add your HP memorabilia into your box. Or use a decal to place on the glass.

If you are using a picture frame, simply slide these pictures into the photo slots before moving on to Step 6.


Step 3: Mod to the Podge

DIY wand display

I did this for both the quote and the photo for my display. You will want to trim the sides of the picture or quote as close as possible to the edges. Then, paint the front of your photo heavily with matte mod podge.

Next, place it face down on your board and use an old gift or credit card to get rid of wrinkles or bubbles.


Step 4: Let it DRY

DIY wand display

For at least 8 hours. I know– you’re anxious! But it’s important to let it dry so that the image’s ink really settles into the wood.





Step 5: Remove the Paper

DIY wand display

After it dries, you will be able to get rid of the surrounding paper by simply using water and a washcloth. Make sure the cloth is heavily saturated to make the process easier. Gently rub the wet cloth over your photo and watch as the paper begins to peel away, leaving your wood stained with your picture!


Step 6: Twist in little gold hook thingys

DIY wand display

These actually screwed into the craft wood quite nicely. However, if you are using thicker materials, you may need to pre-poke a hole into your wood. You can use a thumb tack or a hammer and a nail to create the setting for your hook.

Also, the gold hooks also might need to be pried open slightly in order to fit in larger wands. I just used pliers to do this.


Pro Tip: Use a ruler to make sure your hooks are lined up perfectly.


Step 7: Display!

I added an picture brackets on the back and used a regular nail to hold the entire display in place. And there you have i; your own unique DIY wand display!

harry potter diy wand display


What do you think of this Harry Potter DIY wand display? I don’t think I’ve seen very many handmade wand holders like this, so it was fun to come up with a new look! If you use this tutorial, please tag me on social media!






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Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial

Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial

Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial

Oh hey, guys! This is the Cosplay Supply Link that goes with my Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial on YouTube. After you watch the video, you can use this post to find all the necessary supplies you’ll need to make your own Harry Potter cosplay. This is a gender neutral look, but ladies, feel free to glam it up with some awesome eyeshadows and falsies for a genderbent cosplay. Also, please be sure to read some of the relevant information regarding the products you’ll need.

So let’s get started!


What You’ll Need:

Most of thee supplies are easily accessible on Amazon. I provided a link banner under each list for a visual of the products I used and how much they cost. Anything not shown in the banner will have its own link or can be found at your local craft/general store.

SFX Makeup

*Please read my SFX Basics series on Rigid Collodion before using this product!

  • Rigid Collodion 
  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Nude/Natural Lip Liner or Red Water Activated Paint

Avada Kedevra Scar SFX Supplies

  • White Lip Liner or Water-Activated Paint
  • Glue Stick and Concealer
  • Neon Green Water-Activated Paint 




Let me know if you guys have any questions about this tutorial or have any advice for better application or product deals. I’ll use this post for any updates or new techniques I find. 

Check out the full Harry Potter tutorial below and make sure to subscribe to Cosplay and Coffee’s YouTube channel!


More Harry Potter Cosplays:
The Best Cosplays from A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017

The Best Cosplays from A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017

Last weekend, Universal Orlando outdid themselves yet again by bringing pure magic to their fourth annual Celebration of Harry Potter. Between the expo with real movie props, a chance to look behind the scenes in exhibits such as the WB Studio Tour, and seeing the Harry Potter  cast members in real life,  what more could you expect to come out of this revolutionary event? 

One of the best parts about A Celebration of Harry Potter is the opportunity to see the plethora of talented cosplayers from all around the world. There were so many outstanding cosplays at the event that it would be impossible to show you them all. Instead, here are a few of our favorite cosplays from the annual Harry Potter event:


Diego a.k.a @Dialpi is the cosplayer to look out for at A Celebration of Harry Potter.  Last year, I was blown away by his menacing likeness of Lucious Malfoy. This year he came back with a cosplay from the other side of the fence. This Dumbledore cosplay was certainly a highlight of the Harry Potter expo, having even caught the attention of representatives from Pottermore! Give him a follow on Instagram to see more of his hilarious and accurate Harry Potter cosplays!


Madam Pomfrey

This Madam Promfrey by @mademdesigns was one of the strongest cosplays at Universal last weekend. And one can only assume based off of her handle that she made the cosplay herself! Well done!


Princess Slytherin

@theprincessnightmare did a fantastic job constructing this Slytherin princess ensemble. It’s just the perfect balance between the typical princess ballgown and a dark, slightly ominous dress that a Slytherin might wear. Her Bellatrix Lestrange cosplay is also spot on!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Some cosplayers even took to bringing the newest addition to the Harry Potter universe to the celebration. These Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them cosplayers not only look startlingly similar to the characters, but they used the Universal scenery to help bring their photos to life. 


The Hogwarts Express

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Photo courtesy Universal Orlando Blog

Could this be any more precious? This little guy was envied by everyone at the event as he made his way through Hogsmead and Diagon Alley in his own personal Hogwarts Express. His parents reconstructed his wheelchair into the mini train, complete with billowing smoke coming from the top. This very well might have been the best cosplay of the weekend.

Polyjuice Hermione

The Best Cosplays from A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017

This was the first time I had seen someone cosplay as second year Hermione after her unfortunate mix-up with the Polyjuice Potion (who remembers who she was trying to turn into?). This cosplay was incredibly unique and definitely brought a laugh to anyone who recognized her.


Young Harry & Ron

The Best Cosplays from A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017

This cosplay trio brings back a lot of nostalgia for Harry Potter fans who have been there since the first films came out. This young Harry and Ron look incredibly similar to preteen Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. And obviously the loving Molly Weasley is by their side in her wizard mom drab.


Ilvermorny Quidditch Team

The Best Cosplays from A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017

If you’ve ever wondered what the USA Quidditch team might look like, look no further! This group — known as Cosserole —  put together the American Nationals team (we can only assume that they attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).  The cosplays are, of course, homemade. From left to right, meet the American National coach, Chaser, Seeker, and Keeper!

In reality, every single cosplay at the annual Celebration of Harry Potter was incredibly well-crafted and helped bring this extraordinary event to life. From Hagrids to Rita Skeeters, nearly every Harry Potter character could be found last weekend with Universal’s walls. To see more, follow @cosplay_and_coffee on Instagram or search #hpcelebration2017 ! 



Emma Watson’s Look-A-Like Will Make You Do A Double Take

Emma Watson’s Look-A-Like Will Make You Do A Double Take

In a casual stroll through Instagram galore, it would be natural to stumble upon a photo like this and think, “Hey, it’s Emma Watson’s Instagram.”


When in fact, this isn’t Emma Watson at all. Megan Flockhart is a style blogger and new cosplayer who just happens to look exactly like Watson!


Followers on Megan’s Instagram routinely remind her of her likeness to Watson. It’s unbelievable how much her facial features look like the famous Harry Potter actress, from the smirk to the smoky, dark eyes.


Coincidentally,  Emma Watson and her twin have a lot in common:

They Are Both Feminists On The Path To Activate Female Rights.


“Other women are not my competition, I stand with them not against them”

Emma Watson And Megan Both Enjoy A Good Read.


Their Sense Of Style Is On Point.


Elegant and classy.

And They Both Fit Hermione Granger’s Character Perfectly.


Megan Flockhart’s Hermione Granger Cosplay

“I could literally write novel about how much I not only relate to but also admire Hermione, [sic] since I was 10 she has inspired me to take education seriously, love who I am regardless of the judgement of others and to stand up for what I believe, so it only feels right that my first “proper” cosplay is my Favorite character of all time! ”  -Megan Flockhart , ‘Scottish Tea’

On her blog, Scottish Tea, Megan posts about her unique fashion style, which is typically derived from females that inspire her. She’s fashioned herself in the style of Professor McGonagall, Alice in Wonderland, Marie from The Aristocats, Eleven from Stranger Things, and Chanel from Scream Queens.


The Scottish doppelgänger has been featured in style magazines such as Billabong, Hades Magazine, Free People, Hound Magazine, and Vogue Italia. She was even invited to Company Magazine’s #stylebloggerawards in association with Missguide for “Best Personal Style Blog.”


And how perfect is this picture of Megan with a Chip cup from Beauty and the Beast???


You can get confused by Megan’s uncanny resemblance to Emma Watson by following her on Instagram here.

Do you think Megan looks like Emma Watson? Tell us in the comments below!


[Sources: Instagram, Scottish Tea]

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