DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra

DIY Harley Quinn Sports BraDIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra by Charlired

Hello my lovely fellow geeks and/or crafters!

Currently I am in the mood to make costume pieces that are also suitable for everyday wear. So I came up with a pattern for a fully functional sports bra, that you can customize to your needs and taste. Mine is inspired by an artwork of Harley Quinn as a roller derby girl. It’s by Babs Tarr and damn, I love her style! ❤


  • Breathable (at least) 2-way stretch fabric for both layers and the underband. Go for  spandex or lycra and avoid any kind of cotton or else sh*t is gonna be hot and sweaty in no time.
  • A bunch of wide elastics for the straps and to wrap around the edges to get a snug fit.
  • If you want extra padding,get foam bra cups. Just make sure they are the right size for you and that they are also made of breathable material.

And thats it! Let’s get started:

Use your fave sports bra as a template to draft your own pattern.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Mine consists of 4 pieces: The front…

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra

2 side pieces…

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


…and the back. I wanted it to be a racer back, so the elastic will be sewn on in the middle,

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Cut all 4 pieces out twice for the inner and outer layer (make sure they stretch most horizontally).

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


First, pin the side pieces to the front with the right sides together.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Sew them together with a zigzag stitch that stretches with the fabric.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Now add the back piece only on one side.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Pin and sew the layers (right sides together), but only at the top and turn it inside out.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Now is your last chance to add patches to the outer layer, I suggest gluing them on with fabric glue instead of stitching them on, since that limits the elasticity.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Just do a loose, straight stitch along the bottom to hold both layers together.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


For the underband, I’ve sewn strips of similar stretchy fabrics together with a narrow zigzag stitch (that’s optional; you could use a 4-inch wide strip of one fabric instead). Just make sure it’s one or two inches shorter that your main piece, depending how snug you want it to fit.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


First sew one edge of the band to the inner side of the bra, and start pinning from the middle since the band is now shorter than the rest. Nevertheless, it has to cover everything (that means you have to pull it more while sewing to give it some tension).

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Now do the same thing with the other edge and the front of the main piece. Also fold a white elastic over the upper edge of the bra and sew over it with a zigzag stitch.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Almost done: close the loop with a strong seam. I did mine with an overlocker, but a zigzag stitch also works fine.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


For the straps, I used another elastic that I cut 3/4 the way in half. I recommend getting proper adjustable bra straps, but that’s what I had on hand.

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


Lastly, sew on the straps by hand (I shoved them into the elastic that is folded over the edge to hide them a little better).

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra


And there you have it!

DIY Harley Quinn Sports Bra

In case you have any questions or suggestions on future tutorial, please don’t hesitate to write a comment!


Charli (IG @thecharlired)

[This tutorial originally appeared on Charlired. Courtesy Charli. Edited by Tiffani.]

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The Top 11 ‘Suicide Squad’ Harley Quinn Cosplays

The Top 11 ‘Suicide Squad’ Harley Quinn Cosplays

With Suicide Squad breaking the box office (at this time,  an escalating 731 million) and Halloween just around the corner, we found it only prudent to find the best of the best Harley Quinn cosplays on the market. After all we all know what’s coming…


Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad  is a strange leap from the DC character’s original black and red jumpsuit, but it might be safe to say that the look is appreciated and approved by fans everywhere.


With that being said, the quest to conquer this seemingly effortless, yet chaotic mess of a look is harder than one might think. There’s the intricate earring details, the clown makeup, the tattoos, and the ability to pull off those red and blue shorts. But these cosplayers take the cake for the Top 11 Best Harley Quinns that are out there (so far, at least).

Image result for harley quinn gif

11. Andrasta

Kamila is known by her cosplay name, Andrasta. She began cosplaying just two years ago and seems to be a natural at it! Andrasta went all out when it came to replicating the tattoos that are plastered all over the Suicide Squad character. Being a makeup maverick also helps, which is why she gets a spot on our Top Harleys.

10. Cheryl

Whoa, nerd alert! That’s where you can find this awesome Harley Quinn cosplay on Instagram. Like most Quinn impersonators, Cheryl is simply gorgeous, so her DC cosplay seems effortless. However, if you take a look at her photos, you can see how she progressed this Harley cosplay by being as specific as possible to the small details.

She does a pretty mean Joker, too.

9. Richard Schaefer

This young Californian can be just about any Disney princess, but he also rocks it as Harley Quinn. He brings out each of his characters with eccentric beauty and flawlessness. If there’s one thing that Richard can teach cosplayers, it’s that a wig and a knack for the glamorous can transform you into just about any character you want to be.

8. Mary

With the help of hair legend and stylist, Guy Tang, @SuprMaryFace made this Harley Quinn look fierce! The homemade “Little Monster” t-shirt also goes to show that a little creativity goes a long way. Kudos to her for being crafty!

Mary is an Australian turned Mississippian who cosplays and models. She also makes a pretty sweet Gothic Snow White and runs a Youtube and Twitch channel.

7. Kristen Hughey

Kristen Hughey’s Quinn look is so on point it landed her on the cover of Cosplay Culture Magazine. She is  (of course) a model and was actually featured in GQ Magazine.  Kristen goes to many a convention, mostly in this accurate Harley Quinn portrayal and is becoming quite the professional cosplayer!

6. Anna Faith

Anna Faith has been known to accurately pull off all of her cosplays, and has been widely recognized by her 700K fans for her Quinn look. She has a couple different takes on the SS  version of Harley, including an everyday look for those who can’t get enough of this crazy character. You can see the comic version of Quinn, along with her other cosplays on her Instagram.

5. Chris Villain

This is one of the most vivacious genderbent cosplays we’ve seen! Chris shows his style in true Harley Quinn fashion, from the bullet belt, the Puddin’ chain, to the suspenders. It’s not specific to the look that’ Robbie declares in the film, but this unique take can only be pulled off with crazy personality.

Chris defines himself as a content creator, actor, singer, anime addict, and Pokémon Master.

4. Tahnee Harrison

A Disney princess by day, Tahnee makes a variety of Harley Quinn looks by night. This cosplayer and LA-based actress can take on any HQ look from the latest film. Tahnee doesn’t limit herself to fashioning in just the red and blue action attire. Besides this atypical Suicide Squal style, she also fixed herself up as a Blue Lantern Harley Quinn!

3. Heidi Mae

Heidi’s take on the Margot Robbie look is bright, yet dark and mysterious. Notice her attention to detail with the snazzy gold Quinn accesories like the cuffs and the earrings. Heidi makes parody videos on YouTube and even has her own Joker to cosplay with (who also looks exceedingly similar to Jared Leto).

This cosplayer actually got the opportunity that every Harley Quinn fan hopes for. In a costume contest at the Comic-Con, Heidi and her very on Suicide Squad won and had the chance to meet the entire cast of the new film.

2. Mykie



Mykie deserves a spot on our list since she actually fooled tons of Suicide Squad  fans into thinking DC had leaked this official photo from the film.

Mykie is a professional makeup artists who’s talent is beyond anything you will see from your every-day cosplayer. Her social media channels are full of useful tips and tricks which can turn dutiful cosplayer into a work of art.

1. Laura Gilbert

And our #1 pick for the best Harley Quinn is Laura Gilbert. Laura bares an incredible likeness to Margot Robbie, particularly when she dons the red and blue attire. Her quirky smile and overall demeanor constantly reminds her fans of Robbie in Suicide Squad. She’s puddin’ in a lot of competition for the rest of those who decide to go as the super-villain this Halloween!

Like Robbie, Laura is also Australian. She has become quite good at impersonating the fun-loving, crazy character and makes plenty of appearances at comic cons. You can follow her as the Infamous Harley Quinn on Instagram.


Are these some of the best Harley Quinn cosplays you’ve seen? Tell us in the comments below!

Margot Robbie as "Suicide Squad's" Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie as “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn

[Sources: Instagram, Movie Pilot, Youtube, Twitch, GQ, IMDb, Glam and Gore]

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This Girl’s Disney Horror Makeup Is To Die For!

This Girl’s Disney Horror Makeup Is To Die For!

You may remember Mykie’s makeup work from last year when her shoot of Harley Quinn tattooing the Joker’s back was mistaken as a leaked photo from the then upcoming film Suicide Squad.

Her look was so convincing that DC Live Feed (a fan account for DC Comics fans) unknowingly tweeted the photo as a leaked picture from the new film. Mykie and her Joker partner-in-crime (her friend, Kaleb), perfected the look after Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn guise was first released in 2015. The debate over whether the picture was real or not shows just how talented her makeup work is.

But don’t let Mykie’s stunning beauty deceive you. Since Mykie stirred the debate last year she hasn’t stopped, and nowadays her Instagram is crawling with brilliantly horrific works of art. As a self-taught makeup artist, she has gained national attention for her impressive (which is an understatement) makeup work. She has 1.2 million Instagram followers and 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

Check out one of her makeup tutorials here:

Mykie has continued to work on her stellar makeup skills, along with the L.A. special effects team known as Glam & Gore. Her Youtube channel describes her work as:

“The swiss army knife of makeup tutorials. Beauty. Special Effects. Avant garde. Industry advice. Products. Foundational teaching. There is something here for everyone, and if you hate makeup, I invite you to at least laugh at my strange face.”

Besides the illustrious and truly glamorous makeup skills that every girl dies to posses, Mykie’s  attention to detail includes graphic and gory versions of Disney princesses:




or Beast?


Snow White

Sleeping Beauty




Clearly, Mykie isn’t only confined to gorifying Disney princesses. Her other elaborate horror makeup is to die for and is an incredible inspiration for the upcoming Halloween season.


Oh, if only I could look so Glam and Gorious!

What do you think of Mykie’s horror makeup looks? Tell us in the comments below!

[Sources: Glam&Gore, Youtube, Instagram, Movie Pilot]

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