Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview

Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview

Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview

Cindy Moon, Storm, Star Lord… there’s no cosplay that this girl hasn’t nailed. Under the handle Doctor Cosplay, she is the epitome of a perfect cosplay model. You’ll follow for her unique spins on popular characters (Steampunk Catwoman, genderbent Loki, among many others), but you’ll stay for the sheer enthusiasm that she projects in her photos.

Doctor Cosplay’s smile is contagious and her smoldering shots as Storm are envious. It’s clear that not only is she a talented cosplayer, but she adors this hobby. Her passion is the reason why her cosplays caught my eye in the first place, and it’s probably how she was able to climb to over 1,600 followers in less than six months!

So meet Cosplay and Coffee’s Cosplayer of the Week, Doctor Cosplay, in this exclusive Q&A interview:


Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview


Cosplay & Coffee (C&C): Your Instagram bio says “Full-time science, part time dress up.” You’re obviously a talented cosplayer, but what does the science part refer to?

Doctor Cosplay (DC):The science refers to my day job: I’m currently a fourth year medical student. I graduate in June and I’ll be a practicing resident physician by July! I’m very excited to start practicing medicine – it’s been a very long journey!


C&C: You look so comfortable in your cosplay photos. What advice do you have for posing for cosplay photos?

DC: My advice is to shoot your photos with people you feel comfortable with: friends, family, etc. My mom actually takes most of my photos since she’s a professional photographer (so I’m already 100% comfortable). But some of my best photos have been taken while my sister was in the room or on set just being a total goofball and making me laugh behind the camera.


C&C: Genderbent cosplay seems to be your niche. You’ve done Loki, Winter Soldier, and Star-Lord. Is any one of your genderbent cosplays your favorite?

DC: Overall, I do enjoy doing genderbent cosplays. My cosplays tend to be on the more conservative side simply because it’s what I’m most comfortable with – and guess what? A lot of the dudes in comics tend to wear more clothes! My favorite genderbent cosplay is definitely Star Lord! Peter Quill is such a fun character so during that shoot I got to be as goofy and silly as my heart desired.


Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview


C&C: Is there a character you want to cosplay, but you’re not sure if you can pull it off?

DC: I once attempted a Harley Quinn cosplay. I was done with maybe half of it but I just didn’t like it. I didn’t feel comfortable as Harley and I essentially felt like I couldn’t “pull her off” for whatever reason. So I ended up selling off all the pieces of that cosplay and I’ve never looked back! 


“…and confidence adds a lot to how ‘good’ a cosplay looks!” -Doctor Cosplay


C&C: What made you get into cosplay?

DC: I’ve always been into comics and most things nerdy. My dream was always to go to SDCC and cosplay there! But when this never happened (and likely won’t for a while due to work), I decided to check out some local smaller cons. I went to North Texas Comic Book Show and cosplayed as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who and had such a great time! The rest is history.


C&C: Your Storm and Steampunk Catwoman are some of my personal favorite cosplays of yours. What kind of reactions have you gotten from these cosplays?

DC: I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on these cosplays! I think it helps that I also like wearing these cosplays so I feel confident in them – and confidence adds a lot to how “good” a cosplay looks!


Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview


C&C: Do you think there’s enough diversity in the cosplay community?

DC: I absolutely do not. I think the reasons for that are complicated and multifaceted but I think one of the main reasons is lack of representation in popular and widely consumed media, specifically television. And I think the release of Black Panther proves that.

The weekend Black Panther was released, it made about $192 million at the box office: that’s the 5th biggest opening of all time (not accounting for inflation). People of all races and backgrounds came out in droves to see it and I think nearly every theater saw people dressed in African-inspired attire to support the film. I saw a cute little video somewhere on the internet of two little African American boys, maybe 6 or 7 seven years old, pointing at a Black Panther poster and picking out which character they wanted to be. THAT is why representation is important. It’s hard to aspire or even admire something when it doesn’t exist in the media. I think the success of Black Panther proves two things: 1) we need more representation of people of ALL colors in the media to inspire the younger generation and 2) people of color can be hella nerds if given the opportunity!


C&C:  Which celebrity are you dying to meet?

DC: John Boyega! He seems absolutely HILARIOUS and I would love to meet him one day! Also, we’re the same age and we’re both U.K-born Nigerians so obviously we’d be best friends. 


C&C: Favorite movie or tv show to watch over and over again?

DC: Arrested Development. I’ve watched this show in its entirety at least 4 times and I can always pick it up again at any time. If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend it. It’s hilarious and always puts me in a good mood!


C&C: What are you doing when you’re not cosplaying?

DC: When I’m not cosplaying I’m studying, sleeping (I nap a lot), writing (short stories and I’m actually working on something quite a bit longer!), tricking my friends to go out to eat, or watching TV!

 Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview


Fun Facts About Doctor Cosplay!

1. I’m 5’2″

2. I have a toy poodle named Franky

3. I’ll find any excuse to buy (or wear) high heels.


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Exclusive Interview with Canary of Melbourne

Exclusive Interview with Canary of Melbourne

Welcome to the sixth session in our series of TEN interviews, each featuring one of Cosplay and Coffee’s official Instagram page models! Each of these girls offer incredibly well-crafted and stunning cosplays, so here is your chance to get to know them a little better.

Paige aka @canaryofmelbourne is an Australian gaming guru. She has a knack for  flawless Black Canary and Harley Quinn cosplays, but you can also find her geeking out over Star Wars. Catch up with her on Instagram and make sure to see her gallery at the end of this exclusive interview!

Exclusive Interview With Paige For Nerds


Cosplay and Coffee (C&C): What is the cosplay scene like in Australia?

Canary of Melbourne (CM): Here in Australia the cosplay scene is pretty small but we’re a tight knit bunch. Whilst we’re a small community we are pretty good at what we do. We all kind of know each other or know of each other, at the least, which makes it easier for us to come together for collaborations. Events like PAX Aus, SupaNova etc. are generally packed with amazing cosplayers and it’s a great way to meet and get to know each other.

C&C: Have you met any well-known cosplayers?

CM:  have met a few well known Australian cosplayers, yes! To be honest, though, I am extremely shy and have social anxiety so often I struggle to get out more than an awkward “hi, you’re amazing” *runs away* OR I freak out entirely and look on from afar. 

C&CDo you plan on visiting any comic-conventions in America this year?

CM: I would absolutely love to visit a con in America! I don’t have any plans set in concrete, but I do have another motivation for visiting the US so we’ll see what 2017 holds. If I do, I’ll bring my American Dream cosplay and best attempt at an American accent with me!

C&C: Do you have friends or family that cosplay?

CM: Yes! One of my closest friends Sam Moody (@sammmy94 on IG) is the one who got me into cosplay! We cosplay as Arrow and Black Canary at any cons we go to together. I’ve also made some wonderful friends through cosplaying, and I’ve met some pretty special people. I’ve also got my youngest sister into cosplaying and she does a KILLER Suicide Squad Harley Quinn… but she had better stay out of my stuff.

C&C: Do you see yourself doing cosplay long-term?

CM: Definitely! I love it! I want to be one of those families that take their kids to cons and do family cosplays because I think that it’s absolutely adorable! 

C&C: What is something that you’ve learned as a cosplayer?

CM: How to deal with getting a lot of attention in social situations. Having social anxiety, being in large crowds is quite difficult for me as it is let alone having people come up to me when I am cosplaying asking for photos and asking about my cosplays. Cosplaying has really helped me learn how to approach social situations and actually enjoy them rather than panic like I normally would.

C&C: Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity?

CM: Not really a celebrity, but I was told I look like Lucius Malfoy once. I took it as a compliment though I’m not sure it was meant that way!

C&C: What would you tell your 18 year old self if you had the chance?

CM: As much as everyone says you will, you will literally never regret missing house parties or nights out with people you don’t particularly like. Enjoy your wine and heavy gaming session.”

C&C: What is one thing you want people to know about you?

CM: I am the senate. 

C&C: Who is your favorite animated character of all time?

CM: Scar from The Lion King. Hands down. Most relatable character ever. Scar is my spirit animal. 

10 God-Like Thor:Ragnarok Cosplays

10 God-Like Thor:Ragnarok Cosplays

10 Thor Cosplays

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10 God-Like Thor:Ragnarok Cosplays

Thor: Ragnarok; the third installment following Marvel’s God of Thunder (or should I say, Lord of Thunder?). Within its first week in theaters, audiences have praised Taika Waititi’s direction, naming it the best Thor film yet.

Along with the Hulk’s further personification and the introduction the Hela (Cate Blanchett), Thor:Ragnarok  released a slough of characters that have inspired cosplayers around the world. For months, they have been prepping to show off their own versions of the Asgardian people with their hand-made costumes. And we have to stay, the cosplay game is strong for this film.

So, to the best of our ability, we have chosen 10 Thor: Ragnarok  cosplays to feast your eyes upon. Some may surprise you, others will make you laugh out loud, but each of these cosplayers’ dedication to the craft is something to be recognized.

Take a look at these 10 God-Like Thor Ragnarok cosplays:


10.  Jon Ledon

You don’t see a lot of Odin cosplays, but this man did a badass job! There is clearly a lot of attention to detail, and he just pulls off the Odin vibe really well!

9. Lowkey Loki Cosplay

I mean, with a name like that, how could we not include them? This young cosplayer has done a couple of versions of Loki’s garb and each of them are spot on. And her Tom Hiddleson drawing is just as good as her cosplays! From the handcrafted props to the Loki roleplays, it’s clear that this cosplayer is going places.

In the end, you will always kneel.

8. Mjolnirsmight

Connor was quick on scene with to replicate Thor’s new look. The rest of his Thor photos are hilariously incredible, not to mention the fact that his work on this character is (again) spot on. You can find him on Instagram @mjolnirsmight chowing down or drinking pitchers of beer.

Because, you know. That’s what heroes do.

7. Kizuki Cosplay

Kisa’s impersonation of Valkyrie is probably the best we’ve seen so far. She looks gorgeous in her self-made cosplay, both here and in her traditional Valkyrie armor that she made as well!

6. Roga Na Noge

We can all agree that this cosplayer’s costume is envious, but those makeup skills?? I don’t know whether to be impressed or scared by her way-too-convincing Hela facade.  Besides being a cosplayer and having an obvious flair for makeup, she’s also a gamer and prop maker.

5.  Fabricsarusrex

Honestly, this was just the first Grand Master cosplay that I saw, and I was so blown away, I thought I’d give Jules a round of applause. This cosplay has been a huge success. Yay, Jules! Pat, pat on the back. Pat on the back.

4.  Dominique Sky

Dominique’s Loki cosplay isn’t new within the cosplay community, but her finesse at handling Loki’s seductive, yet menacing demeanor has to be recognized. Her Loki cosplay is eye-catching, bold, and just downright sexy. Slay, girl.

3.  Serenia Cosplay

Naomi did a FANTASTIC job with her rendition of the Valkyrie. This Yorkshire cosplayer may only be 18, but she already has an Esmeralda, Nelliel , and Moana cosplay under her belt!

2. Sylvia Slays

I have to admit: I am a huge fan of Sylvia. First, from her absolutely gorgeous and recognizable Hippolyta cosplay, and more recently because of her Hela, Goddess of Death, cosplay. This woman is bringing cosplay to the next level, and I honestly cannot wait to see which character she perfects next.

1.  Thor of Oz

If you haven’t seen this handsome devil yet, Andrew Lutomski is your local version of Chris Hemsworth. Well, local if you’re in Australia. Andrew goes by the name @thorofoz on Instagram. And rather fittingly, since he is obviously a dead-ringer for the God of Thunder.


And just for fun, here is Cosplay and Coffee’s version of Thor, inspired by Mi. This cosplay is super quick and easy. Find out the story behind this DIY here!


Join the conversation! Have you seen any more out of this world Thor cosplayers? Tag them in the comments below!

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Karen Gillan Talks Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who At Florida SuperCon

Karen Gillan Talks Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who At Florida SuperCon



Florida SuperCon wrapped up in Fort Lauderdale last weekend, with a plethora of cosplayers, celebrities, and fandoms coming out to play. At these comic conventions, fans get the rare opportunity to ask their movie and TV idols questions during Q&A panels. This year at Supercon, attendees had the privilege of having an array of celebrity Q&A panels to choose from with guests such as Karen Gillan, Amy  JoJohnson, and LeVar Burton in attendance.

Cosplay and Coffee joined the Guardians of the Galaxy  and Doctor Who fandom on Saturday to see what Karen Gillan had to say about her previous and current roles. Gillan appeared as Amy Pond on Doctor Who, and will be in upcoming films such as Avengers: Infinity War  as Nebula. After an hour of chit-chat about Doctor Who  and Marvel, we were able to gather the best questions and answers from Gillan’s panel on Saturday. Besides the great Tootsie Roll Debate and the Lost Child (comment below if you know what we mean!), here are some of the most exciting revelations Gillan told her fans.


Karen Gillan Talks Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who At Florida SuperCon


Fan Question 1: What do you think of 13th doctor?

(For those of you who don’t know, Jodie Whittaker was cast as the Doctor on  Doctor Who’, making her the first female doctor in the show’s 50+ year running.)

Karen Gillan (KG): This is, like, the best Doctor Who  news in ages! I just couldn’t believe it when I found out the news. I was like, gasping. I was like, ‘They’ve done it! They’ve done it this time!’

It was so cool as well because, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but in the UK there was this big thing because somebody made a complaint to the BBC saying please don’t cast a female in the role because the Doctor is male. Then the BBC issued this big statement and said [sic], ‘We will not  cast a female, don’t worry.” [Laughs] And I was like, Ooooh, scandalous, BBC. Throw them off the scent!’

Fan Question #2: What was your first entertainment job?

KG: Oh! I worked in a theatre in London. I had to get the tickets, like an usher. But this theatre was crazy because it was a tribute act so it wasn’t your usual theatre audience where they were serious in the UK, ‘Oh, bravo.’ It was a bunch of office drunk people. And I was like, ‘You’ve got to stop running around the theatre!’ So it was a lot of fun, I loved it.

Fan Question #3: What was it like being cast in Jumanji  with big actors like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Heart, and Jack Black?

KG: I was like, ‘Why am I here? These are all movie stars!’ And I’m the random Scottish girl. It was so good. I mean, they’re just such talented actors. I loved working with them every day. Also, everyone played such a funny role. Jack Black is playing a 16-year old hot girl from school, trapped in his body. And the Rock is playing this really nerdy kid who always uses hand sanitizer and has allergies. Then Kevin Heart is playing the big school, kind of bully, like the mean guy who’s really popular. And then I got to play this really socially awkward girl who just doesn’t want to be looked at and she gets trapped in this like Lara Croft style avatar. And she’s like, ‘Oh no, get me out of this outfit!’ So it was just the best. I loved the concept so much.
Fan Question #4: What were some funny moments with Matt Smith behind the scenes of Doctor Who?

KG: Oh, there’s so many funny moments. Matt, if you just watch him enough minutes, something is going to happen and it’s gonna make you laugh. I think he went through, like, fifteen sonic screwdrivers or something because he was breaking them. For real, like they had to have more made!

One time, he went over to impress this supermodel, Lily Cole, who played the mermaid creature in the pirate episode, and he leaned on a light stand, and it fell over and he landed on the ground in front of a supermodel! That—that takes the biscuit!

Fan Question #5: What’s the best part about being an actor?

KG: It’s probably when you’re in a scene, and you’re talking to a really good actor, and he’s giving you so much emotion that you really start to feel the emotion yourself.  And for me, that’s the most magical part of it because you get to use your imagination and be in all of these different worlds. And I love working with amazing actors. My favorite is Matt Smith from Doctor Who  just because honestly, he’s the most generous, inventive actor I’ve ever ever come across. He could just make me cry immediately. And that’s the magic of him as an actor.

Fan Question #5: Do you like playing someone good or someone bad better?

KG: Oooh, tricky question! I like playing villains just because I hope and feel that they’re removed from my own personality quite a lot. So it’s more of a challenge. But also, what I like about villains is finding out why they’re villains in the first place. And then you start to question whether they really are villains if you understand all of the bad stuff that happened to them, and you understand how they ended up that way. So I’m kind of like, being their lawyers basically.

Fan Question #6: Are you able to tell us if there’s a particular Avenger that Nebula gets along with really well or doesn’t get along with?

KG: The funny thing is, they don’t even give us scripts! So we’re just getting our personal scenes and then we shoot them and we don’t even know how they fit into the story. Which is weird, but also kinda cool because then we all get to watch the film and be like, ‘Oooh.’

She gets along with one superhero that you would never expect. It’s so funny. That’s all I’m saying!

Fan Question #7: If you could play any other character from another fandom, which one would you pick?

KG: Oh, can I say something DC? Okay, I’m going to say something DC, and I’m going to play the Joker. Maybe a female Joker.

Fan: There is an alternate reality where it exists.

KG: [Gasps] This is my calling! Somebody make a call for me and let them know I’m available.

Fan Questions #8: How did you feel leaving Doctor Who  and the 11th Doctor?

KG: Um, so sad! Devastated. I mean, I didn’t know how I was going to feel. I knew that it was going to be harrowing in some way, but then when I actually finished… it was just so sad. And filming those final scenes with the Doctor and saying goodbye, I was just like, I’m not even acting in this. This isn’t acting, this is just like real tears. And then afterwards I was like, ‘What am I going to do now? I may have peaked.’

Fan Question #9: In Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula is kind of evil. Then you go into Guardians Volume 2, and she kind of goes over to the Guardians, she’s kinda starting to be a hero—Does that character arc continue on in Infinity War  or does it kind of end there and now she’s more of a hero?

KG: Without giving away any spoilers, we’re definitely going to continue the arc for Nebula and find out more about her past. And actually, we’re going to find out that it’s even worse than we know. And we’re going to see her confront all of it. It’s going to be like an emotional explosion.

Fan Question #10: What’s your Starbucks order?

KG: A grande, non-fat cappuccino. [Pauses] Pretty cool….

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Stan Lee Surprises Deadpool Cosplayers With A Special Photo Op

Stan Lee Surprises Deadpool Cosplayers With A Special Photo Op

In May of 2017 in Orlando, Florida, MegaCon held its annual convention for geeks and geekettes around the country. The convention was stocked with art, celebrities and cosplayers from every fandom. The event was especially memorable for some, as it was Stan Lee’s (creator of Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man, among many others) last ever appearance in Florida. While most find it incredible that Lee still travels the world to meet his comic book fans at the ripe age of 94, Lee decided to step it up a notch by surprising his fans with a special photo op.

How It Happened

[Credit: Marty of Orlando Cosplay]
[Credit: Marty of Orlando Cosplay]

It’s not uncommon at these conventions for cosplayers to organize character meetups for photo opportunities. And who wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see 50 Harley Quinns or Spider-Mans gathered in one place? The Deadpool meetup is organized every MegaCon by Orlando Cosplay owner Marty Grifka. He told us about previous attempts to get Lee to make a special appearance for the meetup, but nothing seem to work before:

“We got him to come out this time by chanting ‘Stan Lee!’ non-stop. And then the clothing shop got him to come over to us.”

The clothing shop in question is Red Chapter Clothing. The owner of the shop, Mark Palmer, told us that he has ties with Marvel ever since his company teamed up with them to make co-branded MARVEL ambigram shirts. After this partnership, they got in the loop with Stan Lee Collectibles and travel with Lee and his team to conventions like MegaCon.

When Palmer and his team saw the Deadpool flash mob they were, like most of the convention-goers, entranced and amused by the conga line of Deadpools. So, they invited them over to their booth, which so happened to be right next to Lee’s autograph zone. Mark Palmer said:


“One of my business partners, Michael, said, ‘Hey, how cool would it be to get a picture with all the Deadpools at our booth?”


Stan Lee Makes An Appearance


Photo credit: Red Chapter Clothing

They went on to direct the Deadpool conga line (video footage of that below) to gather around for a group photo with Red Chapter. That’s when Max Anderson, the owner of Stan Lee Collectibles, came up to Palmer to witness the Deadpool overkill. Palmer then told us about the moment they had all been waiting for:

“Max thought for a second and then said, ‘Keep them [Deadpools] there for two minutes. I’ll be right back.’ And I went, ‘No way…Are you going to get Stan Lee?'”

Word got out about Lee’s possible appearance and they somehow managed to get the plethora of Deadpool cosplayers to act on their best behavior while they awaited the verdict (how uncharacteristic of Deadpool).

Sure enough, within minutes Anderson returned with the father of Marvel. Lee actually stepped away from his signing to take pictures with the Deadpool cosplayers. They put a stepladder in the middle of the sea of Deadpools, and Stan climbed up and smiled alongside his star-struck fans for one unforgettable photograph.

And Deadpools’ Reaction?

[Credit: Make 'Em Laugh Films (MELF)]
[Credit: Make ‘Em Laugh Films (MELF)]

There were about a hundred Deadpool cosplayers involved in the meetup/flash mob. One fan in particular, Jason of Make ‘Em Laugh Films (MELF), recorded a video of the event. In the aftermath he recalled:

“The general reaction when Stan Lee came out was shock, awe, and amazement from the Deadpool cosplayers and bystanders alike. You could feel how grateful everyone was.”




[This article originally appeared on Movie]