Sub-Zero Amazon Cosplay Review


Buying cosplays off the internet is something that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. Heck, it doesn’t make sense to me much of the time either. You never know what the quality will be, how it will fit, or if the cosplay will even look good on you. But if there are enough reviews and I can see for myself through pictures or videos that an online cosplay works out, then I will 100% consider buying it. 

I’ve done my fair share of costume internet window shopping, but one place I never envisioned myself buying a cosplay from was Amazon. Sure, I have purchased plenty of wigs and accessories to add on to my cosplay on Amazon, but overall it just seemed like a bad idea to assume a quality cosplay could come from this website. 

But then, my sister showed me this photo of a genderbent Mortal Kombat Scorpian cosplayer:

Mortal kombat costume

If you know who she is, please leave a comment!

Who was said to have bought this cosplay off of Amazon. And considering how incredible this girl looks, I decided that I needed to bite the bullet and test out these Amazon cosplays for myself. 

And for you guys.

So I bought this Sub Zero Amazon cosplay:

Image result for amazon sub zero cosplay

In hopes to debunk or confirm the idea that you can buy decent cosplays off of Amazon.

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P.S. See how I modified my Sub-Zero Cosplay here!



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