Southside Serpents Jacket Review from Luca Jackets

luca jackets review - women Southside serpents jacket

If you are coming here from my Southside Serpents Jacket Review on YouTube video then I just want to say:

I am SO sorry about the audio. My camera didn’t tell me that my mic died, and it was my second time filming it.

If it’s any consolation, I have been stressed about it for the past 7 hours trying to fix the audio. I hope you stayed till the end to see my resolution to this annoying glitch (lol).

Anyway, I cut out about a minute of footage because it was just too awful. So here is some more information you should know about Luca Jackets and their women’s Southside Serpents jacket!

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Pros of Luca Jacket’s Southside Serpents Jacket

It may just be the most comfortable jacket that I own now.


As I say in the video, the materials used in this design just work together. Luca really knows what he’s doing.

The design as a whole has so many minute details and it is truly fascinating. I love the green accents, and I especially like the snakeskin detail on the inside of the jacket.

The grunge/weathered logo on the back makes this look like an authentic Southside Serpent jacket. Did Luca even really make this, or was it stolen off of the set of Riverdale? They’re both in Canada, after all! 

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Totally kidding.

So in short, here are my favorite things about this serpent jacket:

  • The material is lightweight and cooling, yet still keeps you warm
  • It’s colorful and playful with its design
  • The women’s Southside serpent jacket fits like a glove. I recommend ordering your normal size or maybe one up (I wear a S-M and got a Medium)
  • Versatile and can be used with a Jughead, Archie, or Betty Cooper outfit!

womens Southside serpents jacket

Cons of Women’s Southside Serpents Jacket

I wasn’t trying to be funny in the video when I said I couldn’t find many cons about this cosplay jacket. It’s truly a work of art.

That being said, I feel like some people might have an issue with the “worn” look. I don’t know why, especially if you’re looking to do a Riverdale cosplay, but to each his own. 

There are two deep pockets (which have green accents on the inside; did you notice?), but the zippers are mainly for show. 

And I guess one more thing that can be said about this jacket is that the Southside Serpent jacket design on this jacket is a bit different from the show. You can see my side my Betty Cooper cosplay side-by-side as a comparison.

However, that’s likely due to copyright issues. Other vendors who sell this jacket use the same altered design.

So sorry to burst your bubble but this Riverdale Serpent jacket is the real deal. If you want an easy closet cosplay and a nice faux leather jacket that you can wear on the daily, I truly recommend this jacket. It’s a bit pricer than other retailers, but it’s well worth it.

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Other Luca Jacket Design I Recommend

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I had to cut this part out of the video because of the god-awful audio, but I had a hard time choosing which jacket I wanted from Luca Designs. 

There are so many good ones!

(I also just want to say that I think Luca Jackets should sell a blue crop leather jacket for anyone who wants to cosplay the animated version of Black Canary. I can’t find that jacket anywhere).

Luca Designs heavily focuses on the cosplay and fandom community (you can probably spot them at your next convention!), but they also have jackets that you can buy for everyday wear. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of theirs:

Women’s Tracer Crop Jacket Top Jacket

DVA Crop Top Jacket

Black and White Contrast Leather Jacket

Donkey Kong Nintendo Bomber Jacket

Pikachu Yellow Leather Jacket



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