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 Samantha Cosplay Interview Cosplay & Coffee
Welcome to the seventh session in our series of TEN interviews, each featuring one of Cosplay & Coffee’s official Instagram page models! Each of these girls offer incredibly well-crafted and stunning cosplays, so here is your chance to get to know them a little better.
Samantha Catalano is not only a versatile cosplayer, but she’s one of those fortune enough to cosplay for a living. Between starting her own business, and creating unique crossover concepts (see her original design of Spider Elsa below), Samantha is definitely a cosplayer to look out for. And we are super excited to have her on the Cosplay & Coffee team!


Cosplay&Coffee: The cosplay community is so unique. What might you say to convince someone to start cosplaying?

Samantha Catalano: The cosplay world is one of the most fun, outgoing, friendly and open for self expression communities. Being a part of the cosplay community has opened up my life for so many fun experiences and opportunities. I also have made so many amazing friends a long the way. I feel I’ve truly found myself in the world of cosplay.


Cosplay&Coffee: Your Gwenom cosplay is amazing! How do you like wearing the suit?

SC: I love the suit. I absolutely adore cross-over cosplays. So the mixture of Venom and my favorite character Spider Gwen is so exciting to bring to life in my own version. 

[Update: Samantha’s Spider Elsa is even better! And she created the entire concept — and suit — alongside sketch artist @sabastian_the_batman_vanesch and suit designer @lostsymbiote ]

Samantha Cosplay Interview Cosplay & Coffee


Cosplay&Coffee: When did you go to your first convention?

SC: 3 Years ago  at New York Comic Con.


Cosplay&Coffee: You own your own princess business. Tell us about it!

SC: I own a princess character business. We do princess parties for children. We also pair with a superhero business. Opening that business changed my life completely. Elsa was the first Disney princess I cosplayed because of how much we resembled each other. I also volunteered at fundraisers which sparked my interest in opening a Wish Program for ill children and kids going through a trauma. That itself changed my life  so much. 


Cosplay&Coffee: Which one of your current cosplays would you like to expand on?

SC: I want to do all the variations of Harley Quinn & Spider Gwen. Recently, I just did a cross over of Elsa and Spider Gwen that I personally designed with the help of friends. The concept is named Spider Elsa AKA The Snow Spider. I’m extremely proud of how that came out and proud to call that work of my own. I absolutely LOVE the Spiderverse community and I’d also love to do as many gender-bent / crossover spideys I can get my hands on.


Samantha Cosplay Interview Cosplay & Coffee

Cosplay&Coffee: Who are some cosplayers you look to for inspiration?

SC: Tracy Hines, Little Lu Lu Puff, PixieQuinnCosplay, Crystal Noel, Tahnee Harrison, and Maid of Might.


Cosplay&Coffee: Let’s get to know the real Samantha. What were you like in high school?

SC: I was very outgoing! I had a lot of friends, but I did beat to my own drum. I always had a fascination with Disney and comics since I was a child. 


Cosplay&Coffee: Where are you from?

SC: Originally born in Brooklyn NY, but I’m currently living and grew up in Staten Island.


Cosplay&Coffee: What is something most people don’t know about you?

SC: How much of a homebody I am. I love being home cuddled up watching movies (preferably superhero movies). I probably watched Deadpool and The Dark Knight over 1,000 times. Also, I LOVE crafting cosplays in my spare time. I love adding a little bit of me into every character I portray.


Samantha Cosplay Interview Cosplay & Coffee

Cosplay&Coffee: Favorite Disney princess and why?

SC: I have to say Elsa. Elsa changed my life in so many ways and she has brought me closer to so many children. Nothing compares to the look on children’s faces when they see me dressed as Elsa. Plus, I relate to her character wholeheartedly on the level of being different. I always felt like the odd ball out. Which brings me to my other three favorites: Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella. 


Cosplay&Coffee: What are you future cosplay goals?

SC: I hope to do as many variations of my favorite characters as I can! And I hope to bring smiles to the people who follow my cosplay voyage. I also hope that some of my anti-cosplay / cyber-bullying videos and protest will make a difference and have people think twice before insulting someone’s hard work for personal gain. That is so important to me and that is a message I hope to spread amongst the community. I also hope that my Cosplaying For A Cause inspires people to think outside the box and make more children’s dreams come true. 


Be sure to follow Samantha at @Samanthas_Cosplay on social media. See her links and her cosplay gallery below!


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