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Philly Black Panther

What usually starts out as a simple hobby, quickly becomes one of the most passionate aspects in someone’s life. This is usually the case when it comes to cosplayers. People get into this for the craft and for the fun of meeting people who share their ardor for various fandoms. One such cosplayer who has truly felt the love that comes from the world of a cosplayer is Lovie Lee, also known as Philly Black Panther.

Lovie is known for his phenomenal Black Panther cosplay, but he’s also disguised himself as Deadpool and has some plans for a Batman cosplay as well. Not only does Lovie make his own cosplays, but he works tirelessly on making appearances around Philadelphia. Whether he’s surprising children at charity events or appearing in Marvel contests at comic-cons, Lovie is a cosplayer you want to get to know.

So meet Cosplay and Coffee’s Cosplayer of the Week, Philly Black Panther, in this exclusive Q&A interview:

Cosplay and Coffee (C&C): So I have to say, I love your Black Panther cosplay. Did you make it? 

Philly Black Panther (PBP): I did, but not without the help of some very talented people. The designs for my suit come from a company called Do3D. My helmet and cowl were designed by TcsReplica who also assisted me with the 3D printer I finally got on my own. As for all the manual labor of cutting down the 3D printed pieces, gluing, and all other modifications; that was all me.

C&C: What are some expectations you have for the Black Panther film coming out this week? 

PBP: I expect this movie to be fantastic with all sorts of really cool action scenes. The Black Panther vs Killmonger is an iconic moment for the MCU. 


C&C: What do you love most about conventions?

PBP: I personally love meeting people with a love of comics like myself. I really enjoy getting the perspective of others on controversial issues. But most of all, I love bringing joy to the hearts of the kids. The smiles they have are priceless.

C&C: Do you have a favorite comic?

PBP: I actually do not have a favorite comic. There are so many issues for so many characters, it’s too hard to choose.

C&C: You were a contestant in the 2017 Marvel Cosplay Contest at New York Comic-Con! That’s a pretty big deal. What was that experience like?

PBP: It was very exciting, but as Black Panther “I never freeze.” It was so much fun and I got to meet so many great cosplayers. 


C&C: Do you have any advice for cosplayers who want to enter cosplay contests?

PBP: Go for it. There’s nothing in this world you can’t do with complete determination.


C&C: What do you do when you’re not disguised as Black Panther?

PBP: I tend to spend most of my time fixing people’s computer\network problems. If I’m not, I try to do a little charity in my local city.


C&C: Marvel or DC? Why?

PBP: Marvel. Black Panther, Iron Man, Wolverine. Enough said right there. 

C&C: What are some things cosplayers need to know when they’re first starting out? 

PBP: Do a ton of research on techniques, and if there’s something you don’t understand, ask another cosplayer. We’re all family and help one another.


C&C: What is a day in the life of PhillyBlackPanther like?

PBP: It’s a powerful experience to meet so many people who want to be in your light, but it’s most important to stay humble.


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