New Year, New Cosplays


In the two and a half years since I first stepped foot into the cosplay world, I have added 1,345 or so characters to my cosplans list. While trying to learn tricks of the trade (armor building, makeup, SFX makeup, resin, wig styling, breathing, eating, sleeping) I have made only a few simple cosplays that I am quite proud of.

So, this year is the year I decided to really buckle down and concentrate on specific cosplays. These cosplays will not only test me (mostly emotionally), but they should also teach me new techniques that I hope to share with you all on my YouTube channel.

To try to eliminate stress and expand time, I decided to implement the one cosplay per quarter method. This means that I will be making only 4 major cosplays this year, broken up in each quarter. And three months should be a sufficient amount of time to build, paint, and photograph a cosplay…right?

It works as follows:

Quarter 1 (January-March): Cosplay Project 1

Quarter 2 (April-June): Cosplay Project 2

Quarter 3 (July-September): Cosplay Project 3

Quarter 4 (October-December): Cosplay Project 4


At the end of 2018, I created a spreadsheet to keep myself organized. Yes, I know there is the Cosplanner app, but I already spend way too much time on my phone. Plus, I work better having a tangible outline that I can refer to. If you want your own 2019 Cosplan workbook, you can get a free downloadable/printable version by entering in your email address right mere:

Example of Cosplay and Coffee’s Printable Cosplanner Workbook

And if you are interested in seeing my personal Cosplans and CosGoals for 2019, I’ve listed them below! On the smaller scale, I want to upgrade some of my favorite cosplays from 2018 (such as adding armor pieces to my Mera cosplay). While on a bigger scale, I want to become a full-time writer and creator. Not such a big difference, right?

Overall, I suggest making sure you are setting realistic goals. Having a cosplanner workbook has really helped me see where my time management is slacking and what is and isn’t obtainable with the time I have on my hands. If you look at the bigger picture, it will be easier to narrow down what you want to do this year and how you can get there. To be cheesy and give you an inspirational quote:

All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best we can do is start over.

-Agent Carter

So here’s to a fresh start! There is so much to learn from this crazy crafting hobby. Whether you cosplay goal list for 2019 is big or small, don’t limit yourself to mastering just one skill. You can do it all.

2019 Cosplans

New Cosplays

  • Quarter 1 Cosplay: Iron Woman
  • Quarter 2 Armor Build
  • Quarter 3 Armor Build
  • Quarter 3 Armor Build
  • Secret New Suit
  • Amy Rose
  • Jessie- Team Rocket
  • Nala

Cosplay Upgrades

  • Mera
  • Iron Spider
  • Supergirl
  • Lola Bunny
  • Aladdin
  • Punk Jasmine

Things I want to Learn

  • Better Videography tactics
  • SFX Makeup
  • Armor Building
  • Resin

Other Goals

  • Write 2 Cosplay eBooks


Tell me your Cosplans in the comments!



aka @cosplayandcoffee

Oh hey, guys! My name is Tiffani.

I’m a writer turned cosplayer, under the pseudonym Cosplay and Coffee.

When I’m not writing, I’m drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee so that I can work late into the night on my latest costume.

I host my own YouTube channel, indulge in fandom theories, and spend too much of my day cuddling my pug.

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