MJ Spider-Man Suit Review From AMAZON


Mary Jane Watson Cosplay Costume Suit review

MJ Spider-Man Suit Review From AMAZON

Oh hey, guys! For anyone who’s new to cosplay, or someone looking for a quick and easy Sunday convention cosplay costume, why not look on Amazon? I bought this MJ Spider-Man suit there, along with a few others like my Mera cosplay suit.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Shops like Zentai Zone and the RPC Studio definitely offer higher-grade fabrics (hence the inflated price). But if you have Amazon Prime and you need something fast, check out my Amazon MJ Watson spider suit review!

You can see my full MJ Spider-Man Suit Review by clicking this fancy little picture:

MJ Spiderman Suit Review




  • The design is super colorful! It looks like you jumped right out of a comic!
  • Like most cosplay suits, this MJ Spider-Man suit is easy to put on.
  • It has beautiful shading that helps to highlight your best features.
  • Depending on if you have Amazon Prime or not (which if you’re a cosplayer, just invest in it already), shipping is fast and easy. There’s no waiting around like you have to do with other cosplay costume retailers. 
  • It fits comfortably and is perfect for those cool convention centers. 
  • Affordable at only $65. I paired mine with my Pish Posh wig, but you can find a cheaper one on Amazon!


  • The overall design for this MJ Spider-Man suit is a lot more risque than what I’m used to. I guess that’s why I didn’t immediately love it when I put it on.
  • The feet and hand areas are a little baggier than I would like.
  • No forearm zippers, which means you need to cut a small hole in the fingertips so you can use your phone (or install forearm zippers).

MJ Spider-Man Suits in the Comics

Fantastic Four #15 Jsc Mary Jane Var

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 


Jamie Tyndall MJ Spider-Man Suit Maxim Cover (the version I cosplayed)

Comment if I’m missing any!

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