Megacon and Supercon Haul 2018

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Megacon Haul

Megacon! I mentioned this in my Megacon review, but I was a little disappointed by this years’ shopping options. It seems like an insane notion because it’s held at one of the nation’s largest convention centers and there were plenty of vendors–but they all seemed to bleed together. Not many booths stood out to me, calling my name to spend money I don’t really have.

Regardless here are the goodies I got:


1. Elsa Sith Print

Left Print


2. Squirtle Art

Vendor: Watercolor Chaos

Price: $10

3. Spider-Gwen Art

Image result for greg horn art spider gwen



Vendor: Greg Horn Art

Price: $25

Side note: Omg crazy. Okay 1- He has a Sub Zero print that I NEED. And 2. I mentioned Zenescope in my haul and he does cover art for them.


4. Nintendo Controller

Vendor: HeroFied Art

Price: $25

Side Note: These looked really cool as metal prints



5.  Comics


Vendor: ZENESCOPE Comics

Price: Free! (but not normally)


6. Bat Quinn Patch/ Captain America Pin

Vendor: Any vendor at any convention ever

Price: Patches are usually $8 and pins are about $10


Supercon Haul

Supercon is always a huge success for me, both cosplay collaboration wise, and shopping-wise. Actually, I spend too much money at Supercon. There’s too many cool things.

You’ll see.


1. Pokeball Mug

2. Eveee Light Up Keychain


Vendor: Get It Lit

Price: $15

3. Lion King ACDC ROAR Shirt


Vendor: Great Adventure Supply Company

Price: $25

4. Eevee Evolution Long Sleeve Crop Top

This is the sleeveless version…obviously

Vendor: No idea

Price: $26 (too expensive)

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