McThor: A New Take On This Year’s Clown Phenomenon


Photos provided by Brandon Isaacson

Clowns are wreaking havoc all over the United States this year. Bizarre incidents of clowns terrorizing citizens and luring children into the woods are being reported from all over the U.S. The latest phenomenon has put a taboo on ordinary clown costumes (though creations such as Pennywise and Chucky weren’t doing the clown image any favors).

However, that didn’t stop Brandon Isaacson from putting a twist on one of the most infamous clowns of our time: Ronald McDonald. And what do people love more than cheap, greasy burgers served by a clown? Well — lots of things — but based on this year’s trending topics we’d say that Marvel Studios is up there. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, meet McThor.

McThor is a brilliant combination of Marvel’s Thor and Ronald McDonald the clown.  We had the chance to interview Brandon on his unique cosplay creation and how the antihero, McThor, came to be.


Brandon Isaacson a.k.a McThor

Cosplay & Coffee: How did you develop the idea for McThor?

Brandon Issacson: I was coming home from a convention in Sacramento as Zombie Billy Mays and was trying to think a more involved cosplay I could do.  Something that allowed me to keep my beard and that not everyone would do.  I thought of Thor but at the time a lot were doing him.  I was a little drunk from the beer garden that was at the con and was starting to get hungry.  Saw a sign for McDonald’s and then I thought what if Ronald McDonald was Thor?  Then a hero or villain was born.

C&C: Did it take a lot of work to put this cosplay together?

BI: This cosplay has been a labor of love and many sleepless nights have been put in over the last couple of years.  I am currently on version 5 of the costume and probably between the 5 have put in 400 total hours.  The latest version took 60 hours for everything.

C&C: Do you do any other cosplays?

BI: I do other cosplays along with McThor.  There is an after party McThor (Avengers Age of Ultron scene when Ultron exposes himself to the Avengers) , Skelevader a mashup of Skeletor and Darth Vader, Zombie Billy Mays, Dr. Krieger of Archer, Armored Batman from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, and quite a bit to come this year.  Working on a William Riker from Star Trek TNG, Sportsmaster from Young Justice, Dr Orffice from the Venture Brothers and a Jason Voorhes and Deadpool mashup.


C&C: What is your favorite thing about this character you’ve created?

BI: My favorite thing about McThor is the varying reactions he creates from people that see him.  It runs the from amazement, and excitement all the way to fear and terror due to the clown aspect.  What ever the reaction I’m lovin it!

C&C: What do you think about all the weird clown activity that’s been going on lately? Does it make you hesitant to dress up as McThor?

BI: The odd clown activity seems like something off of a prank show but there is no cameras filming.  I’m amazed at just how terrified people are of clowns and the attacks I’ve heard of people attacking these clowns.  I was joking with some people at New York Comic Con this year that I was lucky I didn’t get shot on the subway over.  I’ll keep my clowning around to conventions and not down some road alone at night I think.

C&C: What do you do when you’re not  fighting crime, one McNugget at a time?

BI: When I’m not building cosplays my hobbies include, baseball, skydiving, video games, chatting or debating with friends, movies, museums, and trivia nights.  I also have the travel bug and go to Cozumel Mexico at least once a year to just unwind.  White sands and crystal clear blue water is my ultimate retreat.


McThor and Lady McSif

C&C: What does your family think of McThor? Do they go to conventions with you?

My sister in Delaware attends one day of New York Comic Con.  I made her a costume this year we called Lady McSif, a McDonald’s version of the power Lady Sif from Thor.

When it comes to family, mine is all spread out, and they get to join in on the convention fun.  I have two sisters in Louisiana and they will go with me to New Orleans Wizard World.

C&C: Any future conventions you want to attend?

BI: For future conventions I plan to be at Wizard World New Orleans and Sacramento this year, San Diego and New York Comic Con, Silicon Valley Con, and I plan on adding Katsucon and Dragon Con to the list.


See McThor’s Tips and Tricks on DIY cosplaying. Stay Tuned!

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