Marty McFly Cosplay Costume Review –

Marty McFly Cosplay Costume Review -

Marty McFly Cosplay Costume Review

Oh hey, guys! So I bought this Marty McFly cosplay costume in the hopes that I would get the chance to interview Michael J. Fox at Megacon Orlando 2019. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. HOWEVER, I did get to interview Lea Thompson a.k.a Lorraine Baines/McFly which was an incredible experience.

I decided to order this Marty McFly cosplay from because it was pretty cheap. A lot of people asked me why I just didn’t thrift the costume to which my response is simply: this was easier.


You can see my full Marty McFly Cosplay Review by clicking this fancy little picture:

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Mary (Martha?) McFly Cosplay From Marty McFly cosplay costume review


Genderbend Marty McFly Cosplay

Marty McFly Cosplay


  • The details are perfect and accurate to what Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future.
  • It actually fits comfortably, despite the fact that I bought it a size (or two) too small!
  • It’s cheap! And buying this from is way easier than trying to find a red life-jacket-type vest, a jean jacket, and a checkered shirt at a thrift shop.
  • The Marty McFly cosplay is (obviously) available for guys and girls. Score!


  • This Marty McFly cosplay costume took 8 (business) days to arrive. So don’t order it last minute!
  • The “jean” jacket fits a little awkwardly. I would recommend getting a size or two up because of this.
  • The red shirt isn’t screen-accurate and it has weird seam lines. I simply recommend exchanging it for a maroon-colored shirt.


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