Do Amazon Wigs Hold Up? – K’ryssma Lace Front Wig Review

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Whether you’re a cosplayer, makeup artist, or just a wig aficionado, most people tend to second guess ordering wigs from Amazon. Amazon is kind of like eBay… as in you never know what you’re going to get. That’s why I decided to get ahold of one of the more popular amazon wig retailers to give you this K’ryssma lace front wig review. 

If you’ve read some of my other product reviews, you’ll know that I’m very enthusiastic about Amazon products. And actually, I had already purchased a K’ryssma lace front wig before, which is why I reached out to them for this collaboration (full disclaimer: I was given this wig in exchange for an honest review).

And honestly, I loved it. It’s been one of my favorite wigs for the past year.

However, I wanted to see if their products had consistent quality so that I could trust them each time I ordered a wig. 

I’m sure you’re wondering how this second K’ryssma wig held up. So without further ado, here is my full K’ryssma lace front wig review.


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 K’ryssma Lace Front Wig Review

K’ryssma from Amazon sent me this Blonde Lace Front Wig. It’s described as an “Ombre Long Silk Straight Synthetic Wig with Dark Roots w/ Natural Hairline (22 inches)”.

Price as of this blog: $45.99 (not including tax or shipping)

The Packaging


Even when I don’t order from Amazon, packing for me isn’t really a deal-breaker. I’ve said this before;  we all just threw away the packages that our Amazon products come in, so I don’t really like to judge a retailer on this little detail.


I was blown away by K’ryssma’s packaging. They’ve certainly upgraded since the last time I purchased a lace front wig from them. To me, this says that:

  1. They have repeat customers
  2. They care about their customers and the experience they get.
  3. K’ryssma takes their branding seriously.

As you can see, the wig came in this chic black bag. I really appreciate this because it means I have something nice to store my wig in (and it’s resealable!). The wig itself was carefully netted in another separate bag (that I can use for another wig!). And altogether, the package came with 2 reusable bags, the wig, and 2 wig caps. 

The Quality

affordable amazon wigs

Dramatic af. Also, look at how LONG it is!

Right out of the bag, I could tell this wig is good quality. It honestly feels like silk to the touch, so the description is accurate. 

One problem that I’ve always had with my lace front wigs is that they don’t brush easily. I don’t know if that’s because 90% of my wigs are curly, but I can literally run my fingers through this straight wig.

The other thing that is incredible about this wig is that it looks exactly like my natural hair color. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a rose pink for a year, but because I cosplay so many blonde characters, I’ve held off. But now that I have this wig, I can switch it back to blonde in an instant. I’m super excited about that! 

This lace front wig also comes with adjustable straps, 4 comb clips for extra security, and has lace in the front and the back. Another detail that I haven’t noticed on other wigs is the sparsity of individual hairs along the hairline. This really makes it look more natural. Kudos to them for that extra-fine detailing. It has a line of where the hair “naturally” parts, but you can easily flip it to one side or the other so you can have a middle or a side part. 


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Final Thoughts on Blonde Ombre K’ryssma Lace Front Wig

affordable lace front amazon wigs


When I’m searching for affordable wigs on Amazon or the best lace front wigs, K’ryssma always pops up. Their wigs instantly catch my eye which is why I have about 5 more in my Amazon cart. I truly think that they are one of the best Amazon wig sellers. 

I do want to mention that because of the length (22″), this wig is harder to style. I’ve been trying to curl it, but the curls don’t seem to want to hold without a ton of hairspray. But considering this happens with my own long hair, I guess that means the quality is about as real as you can get. 

Even with me using excessive amounts of hair spray and brushing through it, the wig is still soft! My orange Kr’yssma lace front wig has gotten a little frizzy over time with repeated brushing, so keep that in mind (it might be because it’s curly and harder to maintain. Maybe I should just get straight wigs from now on!).

In conclusion, Kr’yssma will continue to be my go-to for wigs. It comes in quickly (Amazon Prime, baby), it’s beautiful quality, and they have the most options.

Overall, I give this particular wig a 5/5 steaming cups of coffee


  • Comes with 2 bags and 2 wig caps
  • Lace in the font, nack, and underneath the full cap
  • Silky smooth 
  • Easy to brush
  • Looks exactly like my natural blonde hair
  • Not too thick


  • A little heavy
  • Doesn’t curl easily
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