Q&A Interview with Wonder Woman Is Real!


Q&A Interview with Wonder Woman Is Real


It’s one thing to cosplay your favorite character, but it’s another thing entirely when cosplayers are able to personify a fictional hero in every day life. That’s exactly what Californian cosplayer, Victoria, does. Under the pseudonym Wonder Woman Is Real, Victoria is known within the cosplay community to be a Lynda Carter (the original Wonder Woman from the 1970’s TV  series) look-a-like and an absolute knockout when it comes to cosplaying any and every version of  Wonder Woman.

But it’s not just her costume attire that projects the wonder that is Diana Prince. Victoria is also an attorney who represents children with disabilities.  Her selfless desire to represent and stand for others is exactly why Victoria’s social media tag name is so fitting: because she is a real life Wonder Woman.

Cosplay and Coffee had a chance to talk to Wonder Woman in this exclusive Q&A interview:



Cosplay and Coffee (C&C): How/Why did you start cosplaying?



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