Glamorous Corset Review

Glamorous Corset Review - Jenna Green

I am not a fan of corsets. Is any girl really? So when Glamorous Corset reached out to me to test out their product, I was hesitant. For the most part, I don’t like to incorporate corsets into my cosplays because I am all about being comfortable at conventions, and I didn’t want to wear a boned corset for 8 hours while it dug into my sides. Just—no thank you.

However, considering that I’ve only ever purchased corsets off of Amazon or Party City (judge me all you want; they’re only like ten bucks!), I figured it was time to give a legitimate, professional corset company a try.

And so, I have for you my thoughts and experience with my first ever Glamorous Corset:

Glamorous Corset Review- Jenna Green

  • Size: 24
  • Color: Jenna Green
  • Cosplay: The Joker 😉
  • Website Description: With its three layer construction and a combination of 20 flat and spiral bones throughout it has the capability of maximum cinching achieving the desired hourglass look.

Features & Details

  • 20 Steel Bones (4 Rigid Steel Bones, 16 Spiral Steel Bones)
    • Steel Busk
    • For average torso length
    • Front Length 15 inches
    • Back Length 12.5 inches
    • Side Length 14 inches
    • Satin
    • Lined with 100% Cotton + Waist Tape
    • Sweetheart Bustline
    • 5″ Wide Modesty Panel
    • Traditional Bi-Directional Back Lacing
    • 6 Suspender Loops



The Pros

In previous reviews, I’ve stated that I really don’t care what kind of packing my stuff comes in. As long as the cardboard box or plastic bag is in tact and the product isn’t damaged, I’m a happy girl. When this pretty corset arrived it was in none other than a post-stamped cardboard box that was heavily secured (aka lots of tape).

Glamorous Corset Review - Jenna Green

However, when I opened that boxed I was truly surprised and delighted to see a spectacular black velvet drawstring bag. I immediately let out an “ooooh!” before opening it up to see my Jenna Green corset that I planned on using for a simple Joker cosplay. The drawstring bag changed my mind a little bit about packing—I was thoroughly impressed with their labeled packaging. Plus, I always have trouble finding a way to hang my corsets, as the always slip off the hanger (even with the attached strings, which I usually like to cut off). So this bag provided any easy solution.

The Cons

Like I said, I hate corsets. In particular, I prefer corsets that have zippers or something that makes it easier to put on. This was your typical corset, which needed strategic maneuvering to clasp it in the front and tie it accordingly in the back. As I said, I liked this option because it makes the corsets more custom-fitting, but it’s still a hassle. Glamorous Corset Review - Jenna Green

The only other Con I would mention is the pricing. I have to really think about a purchase if it’s more than $50 and these corsets run at an average price of $80. However, if you can re-purpose the same corset for multiple characters and can find excessive use for a couple of colors, I do think it is 100% worth it.



Long story short, I definitely recommend this pretty corset, especially if you’re a pin-up or boudoir cosplayer. Don’t settle for cheap Party City corsets or questionable ones you find on Amazon. It’s just not worth the sacrifice for premium comfort, which Glamorous Corsets commands. The material is so sleek and exquisite that it’s hard to take your eyes off of it. And it definitely gave my simple Joker cosplay that extra pop! If I had to choose another one, my eyes are on the Dita Satin White Corset for a chic Captain America cosplay!


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