Erin a.k.a Haus Play Q&A Interview

Erin a.k.a Haus Play Q&A Interview

Cosplay is one of the few creative outlets in this world that can showcase talent in a multitude of individuals. Whether you’re an excellent seamstress, a makeup professional, or a kick-ass craftsman, cosplay is the realm in which someone can really promote their specific ability. And in retrospect, it can really shine a light on the many talents of one person. This week for Cosplay and Coffee’s Cosplayer of the Week, I was introduced to one such gifted individual who hosts not only the skill of a crafty cosplayer, but can also claim the title of makeup guru and actress.

Meet Erin, also known as Haus Play. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Erin is known for her striking Supergirl, Black Widow, and (more recently) Hela cosplays. But Erin isn’t your everyday cosplayer. She’s also an actress, and one of the unique forms of content you can find on her page are her stunt videos. She also routinely provides makeup tutorials or reviews, making her versatile and gorgeous cosplay talent all the more inspirational.

I decided to talk to Erin to learn a little more about her and her diverse expertise by asking her not only about her cosplay world, but her everyday life as well. So Meet Erin—a.k.a Haus Play in this exclusive Q&A interview:

Cosplay and Coffee (C&C): I think we all just need to know the basics right off the bat. How long have you been cosplaying?


Haus_Play (HP):  I started cosplaying in 2010. It started with me making my own Halloween costumes and slowly evolved into what it is today! 


C&C: What do you like most about cosplaying?

HP: I absolutely love trying out new makeup looks and challenging myself with new things, and embodying whoever I want! That’s pretty awesome. 


C&C: What is something you find frustrating about cosplay?

HP: Time. There is just never enough time. 


C&C: How did you get into stunt videos? Those are extremely badass!

HP: My husband is a professional stunt man, so when we first started dating I slowly started getting into stunt work. I never thought I’d be able to say I’ve done professional stunts, so that’s amazing, and I love learning new things with it! 

C&C: What is your ultimate career goal,and do you think cosplay will help you get there?

HP: I always wanted to be an actress, and I am so blessed to have a career in acting already. People say “do what you love and the rest will follow” and I love doing cosplay, so it’s bound to bring something amazing right?! 

C&C: Do you have any makeup products that you recommend for cosplayers?

HP: I could honestly talk about makeup for hours and hours. All I can say is, find a great primer, a long lasting foundation, liquid lipstick that doesn’t crust up, and a mascara that makes you feel like a Queen and you’re good to go! I also like to bring basic things to cons with me, like powder and lipstick so I can touch up through the day!

C&C: Favorite convention moment?

HP: Meeting Kevin Smith as Supergirl. He said “you look just like her! And I should know..” and that was awesome to me! I also LOVE meeting all of the little fans out there, meeting kids at cons and seeing how excited they get is always amazing. 

Erin a.k.a Haus Play Q&A Interview

C&C: What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

HP: Reality Tv. I’m not happy about it. At all. But it’s like a terrible train wreck that I can’t look away from. 


C&C: What/Who got you into cosplay?

HP: I’d say that my love for makeup and making things myself is what got me into cosplay originally. 


C&C: And finally, how do you take your coffee?

HP: Black. But if I’m feeling sweet I’ll take a Splenda or two and some skim milk!

Fun Facts About Haus_Play!

  1. I play ukulele and can sing. 
  2. My favorite color is black. 
  3. I paint and sell my art on Redbubble. 


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