Drunk Sorting Hat Challenge? – Trying The New Wizard’s Unite Sorting Ceremony

A couple months ago, Harry Potter fans were hit with the news that the longstanding site, Pottermore, would be replaced by the new domain, Wizard’s Unite. This meant that everyone with a Pottermore account could obtain a “passport” and transfer their official Harry Potter house, wand, Patronus, etc to the new website without much hassle.

As I mentioned in my video, I decided to start from scratch by retaking my Sorting Hat Quiz on the new Wizard’s Unite app. I did this because I had already had this Drunk Sorting Hat Challenge video in mind before the announcement of the new site. And because who doesn’t want an excuse to drink adult Butterbeer?

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Drunk Sorting Hat Challenge

sorting hat quiz wizards unite

To clarify what I was drunkenly saying in the video, last year I retook the Sorting Hat Ceremony on Pottermore because I had forgotten my login. I was also curious to finally know what my Patronus and wand type are (grass snake and cedar, in case you were wondering).

When I took the quiz, I was sorted into Hufflepuff. No disrespect, but I feel like I related to that group the least.

So I did what any sane Potterhead would do…

I took the Sorting Hat Quiz again. 

The second time, I was sorted into Slytherin. Slytherin!  I never would have thought I would see the house of green and silver pop on to the screen, no matter how many times I retook the quiz. On my third go, I was sorted into Ravenclaw and on my fourth try, I finally got my original house… Gryffindor.

This whole saga got me thinking about how easy it is to manipulate the Sorting Hat Quiz into getting into whatever house we see ourselves in. And because the Sorting Hat’s say is “final” I wanted to take the quiz again on its new platform without an agenda in mind and with no restrictions.

And drinking spiked Butterbeer seemed to be the best way to let go of my inhibitions so that I could answer freely. I’m not gonna lie– I think this is really the only fool-proof method of finding your true Hogwarts house.

So I highly encourage all you of-age Hogwarts students to try my Drunk Sorting Hat challenge. You can do it like I did and enjoy a nice refreshing wizarding world beverage. Or you can come up with your own potions. 

If you do end up doing this video, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter so that I can see!

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