SFX Basics: Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum is a great starter tool for gluing your SFX prosthetics and even for holding down wigs! Learn how you can use Spirit Gum for your cosplays!

5 ways to fake

Five Ways To Make Fake Freckles

YouTube has an endless amount of repeat tutorials on how to make fake freckles. So instead, here is what I think works best depending on the your setting!

Mary Jane Spider-Man design

DIY MJ Spider-Man Shirt

DIY Spider-Man T-shirt: A quick and easy tutorial on how I made my Mary Jane Spider-Man shirt! Get the printable design here!

harry potter diy wand display

Harry Potter DIY Wand Display

Create your own handmade wand holder with my Harry Potter DIY wand display tutorial! Check out more Cosplay and Coffee crafts on my YouTube channel!

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

A quick One-Minute Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial. You’ll also find the full product and cosplay supply list, along with a fun and original backstory for Anti-Gwenom!