Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial

Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial

Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial

Oh hey, guys! This is the Cosplay Supply Link that goes with my Harry Potter Scar and Cosplay Tutorial on YouTube. After you watch the video, you can use this post to find all the necessary supplies you’ll need to make your own Harry Potter cosplay. This is a gender neutral look, but ladies, feel free to glam it up with some awesome eyeshadows and falsies for a genderbent cosplay. Also, please be sure to read some of the relevant information regarding the products you’ll need.

So let’s get started!


What You’ll Need:

Most of thee supplies are easily accessible on Amazon. I provided a link banner under each list for a visual of the products I used and how much they cost. Anything not shown in the banner will have its own link or can be found at your local craft/general store.

SFX Makeup

*Please read my SFX Basics series on Rigid Collodion before using this product!

  • Rigid Collodion 
  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Nude/Natural Lip Liner or Red Water Activated Paint

Avada Kedevra Scar SFX Supplies

  • White Lip Liner or Water-Activated Paint
  • Glue Stick and Concealer
  • Neon Green Water-Activated Paint 




Let me know if you guys have any questions about this tutorial or have any advice for better application or product deals. I’ll use this post for any updates or new techniques I find. 

Check out the full Harry Potter tutorial below and make sure to subscribe to Cosplay and Coffee’s YouTube channel!


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SFX Basics: Rigid Collodion

SFX Basics: Rigid Collodion


SFX Basics- Rigid Collodion


When it comes to special effects makeup (or SFX makeup), products can fall under tiers ranging from Easy to Difficult. While Rigid Collodion isn’t difficult to use, I would place it in the Difficult category purely because you must know the hazards of using this product.

Rigid Collodion can give you lasting and impressive scarred looks, but we want to make sure those looks don’t become permanent. So for this SFX Basics, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Rigid Collodion so that you can incorporate SFX looks into your cosplays!


What Is Rigid Collodion?

SFX Basics- Rigid Collodion


Realistic looking scars can be incorporated into cosplay with the use of Rigid Collodion, also known as scarring liquid. The medical field typically uses this clear, flexible solution to cover actual scars. Theatrical or SFX Rigid Collodion is a non-flexible version that pukers the skin when applied, which gives the illusion of a light or dense scar. 

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How Rigid Collodion Works

SFX Basics-Rigid Collodion


Rigid Collodion tightens the skin when applied. As the solution drys, it shrinks, pulling the skin inward– thus creating a scarring effect. You will start to feel Rigid Collodion working on your skin almost instantaneously.

Using Rigid Collodion For SFX Makeup and Cosplay

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial


This SFX product can be used to intensify cosplays that call for scars in their typical look such as the Joker, Harry Potter, or Katarina from League of Legends. Rigid Collodion is also great for simulating wrinkles or severed fingers.

Before applying, map out where you want your scar to go. Use a mauve lip liner for a fresh cut look, and use a nude or natural color lip liner to simulate an older scar. 

The more layers you apply, the more dramatic and deep your scar is going to look. When administrating Rigid Collodion, wait for the first layer to completely dry before applying the next. Rigid Collodion works best in less mobile areas such as the cheek, forehead, or nose. While you can opt to use this SFX product in areas such as the sides of the mouth (i.e. for a Joker cosplay), it won’t last as long and will start to peel as the day goes on. When you’re satisfied with your scar, I also advise coating the scar with a finishing powder to eliminate the shine. 

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SFX Basics-Rigid Collodion


Before using this product, make sure to test it on a small part of your skin. If it starts to hurt or irritate your skin, stop using it, remove it, and lay down Barrier Spray for protection. Never put this on or near your lips or eyes, and always make sure to work in a ventilated area because it has a very strong odor. 

Rigid Collodion can create actual scars if it’s not properly removed. This will generally only happen if you peel off heavily applied collodion or if you use the product in the same area multiple days in a row. Just like a real scar, if you pick at it you have a higher chance of damaging your actual skin. So be sure to remove this stuff the right way.


Which leads us to:


How To Properly Remove Rigid Collodion

SFX Basics-Rigid Collodion


Removing Rigid Collodion is just as easy as applying it. However, you will need a couple of extra tools, which should cost you less than $10.

You will need:

Spirit Gum is an adhesive used to connect prosthetics to your face or other parts of your body. To remove those prosthetics, you simply use Spirit Gum Remover to safely lift the prosthetic from your face. This product is made for SFX products, which is why it’s the simple solution for removing Rigid Collodion as well. Simply pour Spirit Gum Remover on a cotton ball and wipe away your scar creation until it peels off. This ensures safe removal of your SFX look and you won’t be left with any real scars.

You can see how I use Rigid Collodion (and how I remove it) in my upcoming Harry Potter scar video tutorial coming this week for a visual look at how to use this product!


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More Cosplay Supplies & Tutorials
DIY Lumiere and Cogsworth Cosplays

DIY Lumiere and Cogsworth Cosplays

DIY Lumiere and Cogsworth Cosplays

Lumiere and Cogsworth are two of the most vivid, and dare I say, life-like characters within the Beauty and the Beast  story. Between Lumiere’s charm and Cogworth’s constant tit-for-tat, it’s hard not to love them. That’s why seeing cosplayers like @sparkle.stache and @nikkipardee recreating the looks of these iconic characters is such a treat. We talked to both of them about their Lumiere and Cogsworth cosplays and they’ve lent us a few tricks about how you can DIY.

Lumiere Cosplay by Krissy (@sparkle.stache)

Lumiere was always one of my favorite characters from the film, so I thought with SacAnime coming up, it would be the perfect time to create a feminine cosplay version of him. I approached Nikki with the idea and she wanted to be Cogsworth right away. After a lot of searching online, we noticed there weren’t many cosplays of them (especially female versions). We thought this opportunity would give us the freedom to create new versions of these already amazing characters. Immediately, we began drawing out what we wanted the characters to look like and even made a special trip to Disneyland just to get more inspiration!
What really sparked the desire to be Lumiere and Cogsworth at SacAnime was the fact that most of the cast from the original Beauty and the Beast  Disney animation was going to be attending the convention. We really wanted to show our love to the cast who were a part of such a big movie in our lives. 
We met with the Robby Benson,  Richard White, and Paige O’Hara. Meeting each one of them was so incredible, it’s hard to describe. Paige O’Hara especially loved our cosplays. It was a dream come true for Nikki and I to see her face light up. We could tell she genuinely loved the little details we put into everything. We got to ask her a couple of questions about her experience with the film, too. She was so kind and thoughtful. The cast even signed our old, worn out VHS cases! Safe to say, Nikki and I will forever cherish this moment that we were able to share with her and the rest of the cast. 
Making these cosplays was a little challenging at times. From the starting point to the day of, we were working on every detail. Nikki and I had an idea of a base of the costume we wanted, a corset top and shorts. We found some old items laying around the house or in thrifts stores that we wouldn’t mind cutting up and painting. We had to look and go through a few different paints to get everything just right.
Once we had our basic top and shorts fitted and painted we started adding the details. We looked up a lot of ideas from Beauty and the Beast plays, Halloween costumes, and fan art for ideas. Working together and bouncing ideas off of each other really helped shaped what worked best to each character. Notebooks and checklists of everything we needed really helped keep us organized. Nikki and I were just learning how to use a sewing machine so our costumes consisted of a lot of items hot glued and sewn together.

What I Used:

– Corset
– Shorts
– Acrylic Paint
-Hot Glue Gun
-Gold Tights and Heels
-Yellow Gold Contacts



– EVA Foam
– LED Candles
– Headband
– Tulle
– Ribbon
– Plastic Bowls
– Plasti-Dip


For Lumiere, I started to add details by adding layers of fabric and tulle to the sides for a poof effect. I added ribbons and jewels (almost everything was from from Joann’s) with hot glue along the corset to give it a more unique look. Afterwards, I decided to add a matching ribbon to the shorts to help make it all look more unified. I found some ridiculously sparkly gold tights and heels (that I ended up painting) online to make myself feel more like a tall shinny golden candle.
My favorite part (which really makes Lumiere) were the candles. The white part of the candle is made with thin EVA foam (two tall ones for my hands, and one short for my head). I made them into a cylinder and began adding glue. Then, I ordered some remote operated LED candles from Amazon that were about 4 in. long.
To secure the lights, I made a hole in the tops of the candles. But I still needed to be able to remove them in case I had to replace the batteries. The remote is hidden in my left candle during the convention so that I could change the color or turn them off when needed.
The candle on my head was secured to a headband and had just enough room for an emergency battery change. After all was set in place, I added hot glue streaks vertically to the candle to make a wax drip effect. I then Plasti-Dipped the foam white, then spray painted them an off white ivory color.
The gold holder is made out of some plastic bowls from my kitchen. They’re painted gold with acrylic paint, and I added in tulle and ribbon to make them a little more detailed. I wore soft yellow-gold contacts and neutral toned make up with highlights of gold and shimmer on my face, neck, and arms.


Cogsworth Cosplay by Nikki Pardee

For me Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies. When I saw that the original voice actors were going to be at SacAnime I couldn’t wait to go! We had both really wanted to dress up, but we knew there probably would be a lot of Belles and Beasts and we wanted to be something different. I remember we were in Hobby Lobby (where all good ideas are made! ) and I told Krissy that I would love to be Cogsworth if she wanted to be Lumiere. It just seemed right. 


We knew that we wanted to showcase our cosplays at SacAnime since the new movie was  coming out (I had already gotten my ticket!). Since the voice actors were also  going to be there as well, its seemed like a great idea! And people’s reactions to our costumes have been so positive and motivating me to want to create more. Everyone would see Lumiere first, and then see me and instantly figured out the cosplays.


It was so cool seeing peoples’ reactions as it clicked in their heads who we were. Both men and women, older and younger, loved our cosplays. It was amazing to see so many people recognize us and lots of people wanted our pictures that day. Throughout the day we kept getting complements (one in particular I loved hearing. “What a creative idea!”). As a cosplayer, you always want to try and make something new that no one has ever seen before. It was a pleasure getting to bring that to SacAnime for everyone to see. 


How-To DIY Cogsworth Cosplay

Krissy and I had so much fun making these! We started with looking stuff up but found we couldn’t really find anything like the ideas we had in our heads. I envisioned almost a french court-type of look for my clock. It was important to incorporate as many clock-like elements as I could, but with a feline twist.


What I Used:

– Old & Thriftstore Prom Dresses
– Gears 
– Boots
– Foam
– Stickers



The bodice was actually an old prom dress I had laying around. I got the gears from a costume mansion downtown that really spoke to me. In a few scenes, Cogsworth is shown falling down with parts flying off of him and I wanted to react that iconic scene.


The boots were used from Poshmark with some added details. The fabric for the skirt were old prom dresses I found at a thrift store and cut up. Krissy helped me make the cut puffy sleeves and the hat.
The head piece was painted foam material that I just attached to a headband. The necktie (my favorite piece of my cosplay) was to represent the shape in Cogsworth’s chest piece. I did cheat a little and used number stickers for my clock face. Most of our costume pieces we find at the thrift store or on Poshmark. I love the idea of taking something old and unused and creative something beautiful out of it. Plus it saves a lot on materials!


Many hours were put into our costumes, and every second of it was worth it when we get to see how happy we make everyone. We hope to create many more cosplays that people are going to love and adore just as much as Cogsworth and Lumiere. But you haven’t seen the last of those guys yet! We plan on bringing them out again in the future sometime. 

What do you think about these cosplays?

Tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to check out more DIY cosplays!

How To Make Your Own Beauty and the Beast Cosplays | DIY

How To Make Your Own Beauty and the Beast Cosplays | DIY

With the new Beauty and the Beast film (starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad) comes a plethora of new cosplay ideas. We’re used to the original Belle in the glowing yellow ballgown cosplay look, but there is a whole new concept with Watson’s new yellow dress. It’s lighter, layered, and embedded with Swarovski crystals and gold trimmings. And the Dan Evans as the Beast gives men and women a like to practice their SFX skills if they wish to recreate the new Beast looks.

With that in mind, we’re dedicating this post to showing you a few ways Cosplay & Coffee and other cosplayers have brought out own Beauty and the Beast cosplays to life!


DIY Lumiere and Cogsworth Cosplays  Lumiere & Cogsworth

Image result for emma watson belle necklace  Belle Accessories- Coming Soon!

Related image  Belle Yellow Dress- Coming Soon!


If you have done your own Beauty and the Beast cosplay and want to share your secrets with the cosplay community, contact us at cosplayandcoffee@yahoo.com!


Hermione Cosplay Items/Tutorial

Hermione Granger Cosplay

If you found this here from my YouTube video, congratulations. You have now unlocked the full secret behind my super easy, last minute Hermione cosplay. Below I have links to where you can get every single item from the tutorial for the perfect Hermione Battle of Hogwarts Cosplay.


Hermione Cosplay Clothing:

Pink Zip-Up Hoodie


Jean Jacket

Lace Shoes (“Trainers”)

Hermione Cosplay Makeup/SFX:

Water Activated Paints

Stipple Sponge (for freckers)

Ben Nye Scab Blood

Makeup Brushes

Palette Knives

Great Scott! Back to the Future Shoes???

Great Scott! Back to the Future Shoes???

It’s 2016, which means we’re a year behind the fashion styles that should have erupted by now…according to Back to the Future. Doc Brown clearly indicated that jeans and reasonable button ups are a thing of the past, and in order to fit it with the 21st century, Marty needed to dress himself with pleather jackets, technicolor caps, and power lace-up sneakers.

Well quite reasonably, the fashion sense of the alternate 2015 universe is quite different from what we actually have today. It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t take to the plastic neon headbands and the gawky armor.

But the shoes were pretty sweet, right? Why can’t we have those?


Back to the Future Shoes

Well fortunately for you, I’ve dug some select BTTF styles! The shoes can actually be found at Halloween Costumes.com

Back to the Future 2 Light Up Shoes

Yeah. They light up.

Last night, I literally watched all three Back to the Future films, plus the newly released Back in Time documentary-esque film. They’re all on Netflix! So instead of cleaning my house as I planned, I binged-watched the entire series — and then some — and naturally thought of three or four new cosplay ideas!

These shoes look like they came right out of the movie. Plus, they’re pretty unique, so I can see a Marty McFly 2015 cosplay really taking off.

And even though the hat is silly for today’s style, it would be a cool relic to have, and of course, it tops off the McFly cosplay!

2015 Marty McFly Hat

Did I mention you can get the Hoverboard, too?

Back to the Future Hoverboard

Ah, so many ideas!


Get more costumes at:

Great Halloween Costumes for the whole family.


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