Five Ways To Make Fake Freckles

Five Ways To Make Fake Freckles

5 ways to fake

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YouTube has an endless amount of repeat tutorials on how to make fake freckles with makeup. So in my video, I just decided to briefly discuss the methods I think work the best and which ones might be better depending on your situation.

Are you putting on faux freckles to go to a convention? You’ll probably want to use alcohol activated paints over water-based paints. Likewise, if you’re having a neutral, easy photoshoot indoors, then the eyeshadow or pencil method might be the most accessible for you (because chances are, you already have the supplies).

Here’s a more in-depth analysis of my 5 Ways To Freckle video! Oh, and there are links to where you can buy the products I mention.

Method 1: Eye/Lip Liner

The first method is the easiest and probably the go-to for anyone who isn’t actively using makeup or cosplay. All you need to do is take a brown eye or lip liner and poke dots on ya face. I actually like to gently twist the pencil to get prominent marks. You can do this with varying pressures, but generally, this option is going to make the most unrealistic looking freckles.

However, this is a great option if you are cosplaying a cartoon character such as Eliza Thornberry, Chucky Doll, or really any anime character because their freckles are obviously drawings so this method will actually look more accurate with these characters.

Method 2: Eyeshadow

This is another one that is used quite often. I think this is a great option if you are cosplaying a character who has faint freckles such as Rapunzel. Just take a dark-colored brown eyeshadow and a fine-tipped brush and gently dot freckles all over your face. This is also an easy clean up if you don’t like the way your freckles are coming out. The downside to this method is that the eyeshadow won’t be very prominent, which is important for the sake of showing up in photos.

Method 4: Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow gel is another easy method, but I think it’s a better one if you are going out to a convention where you will need your freckles to stay on for hours on end. Get a gel brow wand that has a spoolie tip and use it to dot freckles on your face. I used Maybelline Brow Drama in Blonde. The brush on this automatically gives me diverse-looking freckles for that more genuine look. This would be a great option for someone like Merida who’s freckles are quite fierce.

Method 4: The Stipple Sponge

Your last option is to use a stipple sponge. I learned this from Glam and Gore who has a whole video on this method so I won’t dive too deep into it.

But pretty much you can take a stipple sponge and some kind of paint, whether it be cream-based paints, alcohol or water-activated paints. Gently wet the stipple sponge, dip it in your paints, practice a few times of your hand, and then gently pat your face to create realistic looking freckles.

This is probably my favorite option because I think it gives the best illusion. I actually used this for my Chuckie cosplay (event though Method 1 would give a more accurate cartoon representation).

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And obviously, the 5th method was a joke 😉

The general rule of thumb when creating faux freckles is to set your face with a primer and your foundation of choice before choosing your method. After using any one of these tactics to create your freckles, I also suggest going over the dots with a damp beauty blender or one with a small amount of residual foundation on it to create a more natural appearance.

Also be sure to use powder or some kind of setting spray if you need these freckles to last throughout your day, whether you are doing a photoshoot or you are going to a convention.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. If you want to know more about my Mary Jane cosplay, check out the link below.

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DIY Buck Teeth

DIY Buck Teeth

DIY Buck Teeth- SFX basics

A fun and sometimes vital part of cosplay is learning how to accentuate your character with the finer details. This can mean embellishing your foam armor with bevels and shading or it could mean adding buck teeth to your Chuckie Finster cosplay. I personally didn’t do this for mine, but I thought it would be fun (and useful) to figure out the best method for DIY buck teeth.

You would think that constructing your own false set of teeth would be easy in comparison to foam smithing and sewing, right? Well, then you would be…


Now, I will say that this is a more tedious method, but it works wonderfully. The products might not be something that is in your typical cosplay toolbox, but I do recommend each and every one of these products for your arsenal.

Here’s What You’ll Need

    • Insta Morph Moldable Plastic

Yes, that is literally it.

About InstaMorph

How the heck do you expect to know how to use moldable plastic without knowing what it is first?

Here’s the product description:

InstaMorph is an advanced modeling compound that becomes moldable when warm (150 deg F) and solidifies at room temperature. It’s made out of a lightweight polyester thermoplastic which acts like clay when warm, but when it cools, it’s a strong plastic. Unlike other products that once they dry they are locked in that shape forever, InstaMorph can be reheated over and over again and re-molded into any number of configurations.

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InstaMorph Safety Warnings!

InstaMorph is a non-toxic substance, so it is completely safe to put into your mouth.


InstaMorph does come with a Choking Hazard label, specifically stating, “Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.”

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How-To: DIY Buck Teeth

Now that we have that out of the way, here is how you can DIY buck teeth!

(Pics coming soon)

Step 1: Heat water to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius)

I boiled some water, but apparently, microwaving water works just fine.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of InstaMorph beads into the water.

Pro Tip: A little goes a long way. In other words, you don’t need much for two small buck teeth.

Step 3: Wait 2 minutes or until the beads turn clear and start to stick together. I recommend using a wooden spoon to bring the pellets together.

Step 4: Remove from the water and place on a paper towel.

Warning! These are heated plastic so it will be hot.

Step 5: Pat the plastic a little bit and wait a few seconds for it to cool. You’ll notice that the plastic will be flimsy enough to manipulate, but still not in its solid form. It’s kind of a jelly-like material.

Before it dries, place the plastic on your two front teeth and start molding to your teeth.

You may find that you need to add more pellets. All you have to do is stick the teeth right back into the hot water and add more. The new beads will start to gravitate towards the other plastic piece, making it easy to mold the plastic together.

If you need to make your buck teeth less prominent, you can heat the InstaMorph back up until it returns to its jelly-like form and start ripping the plastic apart to make smaller pieces.

Step 6: Let it cool at room temperature (usually takes less than a few minutes). And voila! You have your own custom DIY buck teeth.

The plastic dries white so you don’t have to worry about painting them or anything.

You can use more InstaMorph to create a kind of base for the top of your gums to hold the buck teeth in place, or you can simply glue them on with denture adhesive.

Here are some characters you can use for DIY buck teeth:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Peter Pan 
  • Chuckie Finster
  • Mater
  • Goofy
  • Varian
  • Lampwick
  • Mac The Hen

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Harry Potter DIY Wand Display

Harry Potter DIY Wand Display

harry potter diy wand display

I never planned on doing a Harry Potter DIY wand display. I have had three Harry Potter wands sitting in their little Ollivanders’ boxes for the past year now. But after I saw this nifty little board at Walmart, I decided to embark on the journey of creating my own handmade wand holder. And in case you saw my Everything You Need to Know About the Wands at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, here is how you can make one, too!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • A wooden board, a frame, or a shadow box
    • Gold Hooks
    • Mod Podge (Optional)
    • Print of your favorite HP spell, quote, or picture (or a decal)
    • WANDS

Now, you can always take the easier route and embed your hooks into the sides of a picture frame. Then all you will have to do is simply print out your favorite picture, quote, or spell to go into the photo slots.

Or you can use a shadow box and fill it with all of your favorite Harry Potter things. You can even just buy a decal for the glass and use the shadow box for dimension. And voila! You have a unique handmade wand holder.

There really are limitless  options.

I wanted mine to be a little different, so I used the Mod Podge method.


Here are the steps for my Harry Potter DIY Wand Display:



Step 1: Paint, Wood Stain, or Burn your wood.

DIY wand display

I wanted my wand holder to look a bit more dramatic, so I simply burned the craft wood board I bought from Walmart. I used a Zippo lighter, but this gets HOT very quickly so I recommend using a torch lighter or something with a handle.

You could also use paint if you a looking for a colorful/lively display. Using my house colors was another idea I considered! Or you can use wood stain for a more traditional aesthetic. (like something you would see inside Hogwarts).


Step 2: Find your favorite Harry Potter-esque quote, spell or picture

DIY wand display

I love the quote from J.K. Rowling’s speech at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2  premiere. It also went well with the picture I choose! Print both of these out on regular computer paper, as a mirrored image. If you want to use the exact pictures I did, submit your email below and I will send you the PDFs!

If you are using a shadow box, you can skip this step and just add your HP memorabilia into your box. Or use a decal to place on the glass.

If you are using a picture frame, simply slide these pictures into the photo slots before moving on to Step 6.


Step 3: Mod to the Podge

DIY wand display

I did this for both the quote and the photo for my display. You will want to trim the sides of the picture or quote as close as possible to the edges. Then, paint the front of your photo heavily with matte mod podge.

Next, place it face down on your board and use an old gift or credit card to get rid of wrinkles or bubbles.


Step 4: Let it DRY

DIY wand display

For at least 8 hours. I know– you’re anxious! But it’s important to let it dry so that the image’s ink really settles into the wood.





Step 5: Remove the Paper

DIY wand display

After it dries, you will be able to get rid of the surrounding paper by simply using water and a washcloth. Make sure the cloth is heavily saturated to make the process easier. Gently rub the wet cloth over your photo and watch as the paper begins to peel away, leaving your wood stained with your picture!


Step 6: Twist in little gold hook thingys

DIY wand display

These actually screwed into the craft wood quite nicely. However, if you are using thicker materials, you may need to pre-poke a hole into your wood. You can use a thumb tack or a hammer and a nail to create the setting for your hook.

Also, the gold hooks also might need to be pried open slightly in order to fit in larger wands. I just used pliers to do this.


Pro Tip: Use a ruler to make sure your hooks are lined up perfectly.


Step 7: Display!

I added an picture brackets on the back and used a regular nail to hold the entire display in place. And there you have i; your own unique DIY wand display!

harry potter diy wand display


What do you think of this Harry Potter DIY wand display? I don’t think I’ve seen very many handmade wand holders like this, so it was fun to come up with a new look! If you use this tutorial, please tag me on social media!






If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Sign up for my newsletter if you want some more Harry Potter DIY tips and tricks and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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Debbie Thornberry Cosplay Supply Link

Debbie Thornberry Cosplay Supply Link

Debbie Thornberry Cosplay Cosplay Supply Link

Oh hey, guys! Here is the Cosplay Supply List to go along with my Debbie Thornberry Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial, with a bonus SFX tutorial! Here you can find quick links to a full Debbie Thornberry cosplay, as well as a list of all the makeup supplies I used to make this cosplay.

If you want a step-by-step for the full makeup, hair, SFX, and cosplay tutorial, be sure to check out my YouTube channel where you can find all that information. And if you enjoy it, subscribe so that I know to bring you more content like this!

So grab your coffee, grab these cosplay supplies, and let’s get started.


What You’ll Need

Most of these supplies are easily accessible on Amazon. I provided a link banner under each list for a visual of the products I used and how much they cost. Anything not shown in the banner will have its own link or can be found at your local craft, general, or thrift store.







Debbie Thornberry Cosplay Cosplay Supply Link

SFX Makeup

  • Tissues or Cotton Balls
  • Liquid Latex
  • Water-Activated Paints
  • Ben Nye Scab Blood


More ’90s Cosplay Supply Links:



*Actions taken from clicking on links may yield commission for the site. All content and photos are copyright Cosplay and Coffee unless otherwise noted.

Jenny Bravo Cosplay, Hair, and Makeup Tutorial

Jenny Bravo Cosplay, Hair, and Makeup Tutorial

*Actions taken from clicking on links may yield commission for the site. All content and photos are copyright Cosplay and Coffee unless otherwise noted.

Oh hey, guys! Here is the Cosplay Supply Link to go along with my Jenny Bravo Cosplay, Hair, and Makeup Tutorial! Whether you’re here for one or all of the tutorial supplies, this post lists every single item you will need and where to find it (including the bullet SFX wound)!

And as always, if you liked this tutorial and want to see more, make sure to subscribe to the Cosplay and Coffee YouTube channel!


So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started.


What You’ll Need

Most of these supplies are easily accessible on Amazon. I provided a link banner under each list for a visual of the products I used and how much they cost. Anything not shown in the banner will have its own link, but for these easy cosplay, I always HIGHLY recommend scavenging your local thrift store first!


  • Black High Heels
  • High-Waisted Royal Blue Leggings
  • Blue Rit DyeMore (if you bought white leggings)
  • Black T-Shirt (1-2 sizes up from what you normally wear; or you can just buy this one)
  • Dark Fabric Transfer Paper
  • Unicorn File!
  • Black Aviators
  • Straight Blonde Wig (if applicable)
  • Craft Foam, Acrylic Paint, and Earring Hook Thingamagigs




As I mention in the video, you can use whatever eye makeup look you want since the sunglasses will be cover it up. But here is what I used, along with the hair supplies you’ll need for the voluptuous Jenny Bravo hair!

  • Foundation
  • e.l.f Eyeshadow (black, white, gray for smokey eye)
  • e.l.f Eyeliner
  • Covergirl Mascara
  • Tresume Hair Gel
  • Teasing Comb (I bought a pack from my local grocery store, here is a quick link!)
  • Hairspray

SFX Makeup

  • Scar Wax
  • Ben Nye Scab Blood
  • Stage Blood
  • Water-Activated Paints

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Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom’s Backstory

By: Tiffani Daniel

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It’s been years since Gwen Stacey was stripped of her role as New York’s heroine—Spider-Gwen. When she was forced to save Mary Jane from Venom, Gwen put herself in danger in order to thwart the symbiote’s attempt to consume MJ. With her ferocity combined with her powers as Spider-Gwen, she was able to stop the parasitic monster from taking MJ as its host. 

However in the plight of MJ’s rescue, the symbiote turned it’s attention towards Gwen. As the liquid parasite jumped to her, she clawed her way through the venom, making her partially blinded and scarred in one eye. The symbiote mysteriously found itself unable to bond to her, but the remnants that clung to Spider-Gwen embedded itself until she was transformed into something different. Something darker.



*This is a completely original concept, not meant to be derived from any existing comic or story-line. This backstory synopsis is just for fun, made to along with pre-existing characters, that I did not create. Ownership and creation of these names of characters belong to Marvel Comics.


Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial


See my review for this Anti-Gwenom suit here!


What You’ll Need:



Here is the One-Minute tutorial that I posted on my Instagram to go along with the Anti-Gwenom cosplay!



Need the cosplay? See how you can get your own RPC Studio suit here!