How-To: Dexters Laboratory Costume

How-To: Dexters Laboratory Costume


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By FAR one of my most popular cosplays is my genderbent Dexters Laboratory costume. I am a cliche 90’s nostalgia kind of girl and I take immense pride in it. The 1990s were the best decade and you can’t change my mind. 

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If you don’t already know what Dexter’s Laboratory is, I’ll include some fun facts down below. But essentially it was a pretty popular cartoon about a boy scientist and his annoying sister and it ran on Cartoon Network. The main character, Dexter, is obviously a boy,  but after seeing the above gender-bend artwork, I knew I had to recreate it (artist credit, anyone?).

And because I would absolutely love to see more of you in your own version of this cosplay, I’m going to show you where I got my materials. Yes, this is a fully purchased Dexter’s Laboratory costume. I didn’t make a single thing from it. I probably am going to do a DIY though because I found the perfect pattern (linked below) for it. The material of this costume shop dress is… no so good. 

You’ll find links on where to get the materials below. I’ve also included some suggested materials if you’d rather do an actual DIY Dexter cosplay. Men, there are links for you in here as well! 

Dexter’s Laboratory Costume Details

There are plenty of ways you can go about the genderbent Dexter cosplay. I personally saw a costume that I liked and instantly knew it would work for this Cartoon Network character. Someone once suggested to me that I could buy a chef’s coat and take it in to make it a dress. And other cosplayers may prefer to just make the dress from scratch. You do you.

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I bought mine because it was a fly-by-the-moment idea and I’m an amateur seamstress. The dress was only like $35 and it looked like it was made to be a Dexter’s Laboratory costume. I already had the boots and the wig, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me. Cosplay is expensive, guys.


What You’ll Need:

For Men:

For DIY Dexter’s Laboratory Costume:

  • A pattern (this one would be SO cute; just readjust the neckline and the buttons!)
  • Black Buttons
  • White Fabric


WATCH: Party City Dexters Laboratory Costume Review

Dexters Laboratory Fun Facts:

  • Dexter doesn’t have a last name.
  • The superhero, Krunk, in an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory is a parody of Marvel’s Hulk (Krunk has purple skin and wears green pants).
  • Dexter’s accent is a mix of Russian, French, and German. According to IMDb, “Dexter’s accent originated from Genndy Tartakovsky‘s CalArts roommate, Rob Renzetti, who left voicemails for Tartakovsky in a comedic French accent.”

Want to see more of my 90s cosplays? ;D 

Who’s your favorite 90s cartoon character? Lemme know in the comments below!
Chuckie Finster Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Chuckie Finster Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Growing up, watching Nickelodeon was like a ritual. I never missed a single episode of my favorite shows— especially when it came to Rugrats. I decided to make a Chuckie Finister costume for the same reason that most other people flock to this character: it’s wild. Chuckie’s look is a lot more detailed and colorful compared to Tommy (who has always been my favorite Rugrats baby), which meant a DIY Chuckie would be a lot more fun— and challenging.

A Chuckie Finster costume is also a great way to level up your cosplay skills. It’s still technically a closet cosplay, but it requires a little bit more craftsmanship. Don’t worry—it’s still an easy build. All you will need are some basic clothing items, some paint, and an extravagant curly red wig.

Also, keep in mind that this Chuckie Finster tutorial can be used for both boys and girls. And, of course, you don’t have to use a crop top for the shirt. That’s just my preferred style.

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Chuckie Finster Costume Details

Chuckie’s most noticeable features are his bright orange hair, purple glasses, and freckles. He always wears a light blue shirt with a Saturn emblem tilted in the center, with green shorts that have playful lime green zig zags plastered on them.

You can find the Saturn emblem that you will need for this costume in my FREE Chuckie Finster Costume Tutorial eBook. Get it here:


What You’ll Need

Most of these supplies are easily accessible on Amazon. I provided a link banner under each list for a visual of the products I used and how much they cost. Anything not shown in the banner will have its own link or can be found at your local craft/general store.

DIY Chuckie Finster Costume Supply Links:

As I mentioned, you can either order a custom shirt or you can DIY a Chuckie Finster shirt. You can do this by downloading my eBook which gives the full breakdown of how I made my cosplay along with my Chuckie Finster Costume and Makeup Tutorial on YouTube.


Chuckie Finster Costume Makeup

  • Foundation
  • Hot Topic Nickelodeon Palette
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Water Activated Paints

WATCH: My full DIY Chuckie Finster Costume Tutorial:



Chuckie Finster Fun Facts

  • Chuckie was originally going to be an antagonist on Rugrats. He was originally inspired by a bully from the childhood of one of the creators.
  • Chuckie was originally voiced by Christine Cavanaugh until Nancy Cartwright took over in 2001.
  • Chuckie is allergic to dandelions.
  • Kim legally adopts Chuckie, which officially makes her Chuckie’s mom.
  • Chuckie doesn’t have any siblings and likely doesn’t have any cousins, either.
  • He is the oldest Rugrats baby.
  • Chuckie Finster turns 30 in 2019. His birthday is April 15, 1989.

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Supergirl Makeup and Hair Tutorial – Cosplay Supply Link

Supergirl Makeup and Hair Tutorial – Cosplay Supply Link

supergirl cosplay

Well hello, there. Welcome to Cosplay and Coffee. My name is Tiffani and if you’re here it’s probably because you watched my YouTube Supergirl Makeup and Hair Tutorial.

If that’s the case, then you must have been impressed by my Super Skills and want to know where to get the products I used. 

If you’re looking for where to get your own Supergirl cosplay, I’ll get into that towards the end of this blog.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet for you and just list my Supergirl makeup products down below as well as some of the hair supplies I use.

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Supergirl Makeup 


My Supergirl makeup is not meant to look exactly like Melissa Benoist. I tried to reshape my face when I did my first Supergirl video and it was sub-par and I didn’t really see a difference. 

My recommendation when doing your own Supergirl makeup is to stick to neutral colors. No blue or red or crazy comic colors (even if you aren’t doing the CW version). 

I think you can get pretty much all of these makeup products from Target except for the eyeshadow palette. If you can’t find it on the cheap, I (clearly) recommend any e.l.f eyeshadow!

I didn’t mention a lip color in my tutorial because I put on lipstick and hated it, so I just wiped it off. 

My lips are naturally a dark red, plus I lick my lips a LOT, so by the end of the day, I don’t have color on anyway. To give you some input, just go for a light pinkish lip stain or lipstick!

Supergirl makeup products I use (or mention)

    • Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation
    • e.l.f Primer
    • Kat Von D Shade + Light palette (the colors all the way to the right)
    • e.l.f Black liquid eyeliner
    • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Very Black
    • Pink lip stain
    • Compact and fluffy brushes

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Supergirl Hair Tutorial

I am so sorry if my tutorial seemed confusing at all. PLEASE DM me on Instagram if you have any questions. I’ll try to keep an eye out on the comments under the video as well. If I change the way I do my Supergirl hair routine at all, it will be updated in this blog!

Supergirl hair tool I use (or mention)

Supergirl Cosplay Options

CosplaySky sent me this Supergirl cosplay a few years ago. If you want to see the full review, go for it: it’s right here!

Supergirl Cosplay Review

I can’t speak as to the quality of other cosplay stores, but I do see that all the ones on Amazon right now are… not ideal.

Here are some other cosplay stores that I really like in case you want to shop around!

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Do you guys want me to do more cosplay transformation videos? But maybe actually do a transformation this time? I’m an amateur makeup-ist so don’t expect too much. I love learning new techniques though, so I guess if I end up creating a cosplay that I’m really proud of, I’ll share the makeup transformation!

Wow, thanks for talking me into that, you guys.

See more cosplay supply links and cosplay videos!

Sustainable Makeup Recommended by Emma Watson

Sustainable Makeup Recommended by Emma Watson

emma watson makeupIn 2016, Into the Gloss published an article about sustainable makeup recommended by Emma Watson. In the article, Emma goes over what’s in her daily makeup bag, her favorite skincare products, and even her favorite shades of lipstick.

If you’re coming from my Emma Watson makeup YouTube video, you saw me trying on these exact products for a casual Belle cosplay. I even went out downtown just to see how the makeup would weather an entire day. 

As the article mentions, it’s hard to be 100% sustainable… especially when it comes to makeup. It’s a bit expensive and a little hard to gauge since it’s popularity hasn’t become mainstream quite yet. 

But if you want a full comprehensive look at what I think of Emma’s favorite sustainable makeup products, then keep on reading 😉

Sustainable Makeup Recommended by Emma Watson

Out of all the makeup products Emma recommended in that article, I decided to just go with the basics. As I said in the video, I don’t tend to glam it up much. I’m more of a fan of light and subtle makeup (unless it’s for cosplay!).

That’s why I only picked out a foundation, an eyebrow gel, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows, and a lipstick (for a total of $107.89!). 

I didn’t go for Emma’s favorite shade of lipstick, but I did buy it from the same company. Likewise, I picked out eyeshadow from The Body Shop because she recommended X from that store (and she applauded their environmental-friendly practices). I

Here are the exact makeup products I purchased:

  • FOUNDATION $38.34: RMS “un cover up” for light skin (she also uses their powder but I decided to skip that because I’m on a budget)
  • MASCARA $18.50: DHC Double Protection mascara in black
  • EYEBROW GEL $21: Jane Iredale Pure Brow Brow Gel in blonde
  • EYELINER $21: Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner in black/brown
  • LIPSTICK $18: Lilu Lolo Natural lipstick (in the color Rouge)
  • EYESHADOW $12.05: Various brown colors from The Body Shop

Sustainable Makeup Review

The reason I wanted to try sustainable makeup is two-fold.

One: I wanted to review it. And

Two: I am very self-conscious of waste. I cringe when food is thrown out and I hord as many of cosplay materials as possible in case I can recycle even the tiniest scraps of fabric or foam.

Because my videos tend to be off-the-cuff, I wanted to give you a comprehensive analysis of what I actually think of each of these sustainable makeup products recommended by Emma Watson:

RMS “un cover up” Foundation

As I said in the video, I don’t like wearing foundation. I have oily skin, and I tend to break out any time I use it. I was curious to see if this would happen with a sustainable foundation. Sadly, it did make me break out.

Considering the size of the foundation and the price, I don’t think this is a sustainable product I would buy again anytime soon.

DHC Double Protection Mascara

This mascara is definitely all about giving your length over volume. I prefer the latter, however, I will say that this mascara is tough!

In a good way.

I also didn’t realize until way later that it’s a water-resistant mascara. Usually, I don’t like to wear water-proof mascara because it’s a pain to take off. The DHC mascara actually had me second-guessing that choice though. I loved not having to worry about the mascara smearing and for the size, it’s a pretty good deal!

This mascara is about $8 more than your standard drug store product. If you’re in need of some length, I definitely recommend this sustainable makeup product. 

Jane Iredale Pure Brow Brow Gel

Let me just say, my eyebrows are the worst. They’re a dark blonde and super thin. But they are also really long. 

I’m not a pro when it comes to makeup– but this is especially true for eyebrows. I’ve used cheap eyebrow gel before, but it always looked like I just smeared brown grease over my eyes.

This stuff is a little different. I could instantly tell the quality is higher than your standard eyebrow gel and the color was spot on. I still like using eyeshadow to fill in my brows better, but this is the only stuff I’ll use to securely lock in my eyebrow look.

Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner

As soon as I opened this eyeliner, I was disappointed– not gonna lie. The bottle is very tiny, albeit eloquent. I usually use black eyeliner, but Emma recommended brown as a natural way to play up your eye. 

I have to say, despite everything, I still didn’t really like this sustainable product. It comes with a thin tip brush which I loved(I know a lot of people prefer pen eyeliner), but it didn’t stick. And I always put primer on my eyes. 

This eyeliner seemed a bit too diluted for me. After application, I could tell it needed a bit to dry, but even then, it didn’t seem to want to stick. 

Absolutely no luck with winged eyeliner, either.

Lilu Lolo Natural Lipstick

Instead of going for Emma’s recommended fierce, bright red shade, I went with Rouge for a more natural tone. This is the color I would use if I were to do a Belle or Hermione cosplay. Actually, it’s just a color I prefer in everyday life!

The first time I wore this, it seemed very flaky. However, I am prone to chapped/dehydrated lips so I figured it was my fault.

It was.

This lipstick glides on flawlessly and it lasts way longer than any NYX lipstick I’ve used (sorry NYX). As a sustainable makeup product, I give this 5/5 steaming cups of coffee!

The Body Shop Brown Eyeshadow Refills

Even without primer, I found that The Body Shop’s eyeshadows didn’t crease! They stayed on all day without much fuss and I didn’t have to retouch at all. They’re very pigmented, which is a must for me, and I actually like the little glimmer they have. 

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the fact that they come in individual packets. There’s no easy way to store them! That being said, I’m excited to try out even more products from this eco-friendly store.

Want more cosplay and makeup reviews? Let me know in the comments below!
How I Made My Maleficent Cosplay in ONE DAY

How I Made My Maleficent Cosplay in ONE DAY

singer sewing company

Last week on my Instagram story, I told you guys all about how I decided to make a Maleficent cosplay in only one day.

Well… I guess technically it was a full 48 hours, but the work that went into it was definitely under 24 hours. Singer Sewing Company was hosting a competition for the most unique and creative Maleficent cosplay.

I saw this post sometime on November 13th, 2019. The competition ended on November 15th. 

If you knew me in real life, one of the first things you would learn about me is that I work great under pressure. In fact, I feel confident in saying that most of my best work derives from an unhealthy combination of coffee and procrastination. 

That’s why I felt no qualms in slapping together this cosplay in order to win one of their sewing machines. The competition called for a unique cosplay so I thought,

Why don’t I make this cosplay out of scraps in my cosplay closet?

So that’s exactly what I did! I didn’t leave the house at all to create this piece (I mean… I rarely do, anyway). All the items are materials that were leftover from other cosplay projects. A true #recycledcosplay.

Here’s how I made my Maleficent cosplay in ONE day:

Step 1: Choosing the Design

maleficent mistress of evil cosplay diy

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to do something based on this design. Because it needed to be somewhat creative, however, I dug through my discarded cosplay supplies to find something I could use.

I ended up finding a roll of chicken wire for a cosplan that has yet to come to fruition. I even found these big giant leaves that I had hastily made for a Poison Ivy cosplay back in 2017 that never came to be.

My idea was to make a wire skirt, paint the leaves black to look like feathers, and drape them over the wire for a trendy, yet recognizable, Maleficent cosplay.

Step 2. Gathering the Materials

I was so surprised by the number of random craft supplies I had. If I felt like a random item could work for this #recycledcosplay, it was added to my Maleficient getup. Although I spent significant time painting and weathering the giant leaves and finagling with the wire skirt, I ended up not using it because I didn’t have enough time.

At this point, I decided to just go with the screen-accurate concept from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Here’s a list of all the arbitrary materials I gathered from my closet:

  • Black bodysuit (previously used for Black Canary)
  • 6mm foam (leftover scraps from my Iron Man)
  • Pre-shaped craft foam leaves (from a never-seen-before Ivy)
  • Green nail polish (that I’ve probably had for literally 10 years)
  • Tulle (from a never-seen-before Yellow Ranger concept)
  • Pink flowers (leftover from my JK Rowling)
  • Thermoplastic teeth (leftover from my Venom makeup)
  • Cotton balls and faux leaves (from your guess is as good as mine)
  • PVC Pipe, tape, saran wrap, and brown spray paint (leftover scraps from my Jackie Frost)
  • Clear Christmas ornament and LED light (leftover scraps from my Sub-Zero)
  • 2-year-old black spray paint, a little bit of leftover Plastidip, and black acrylic paint (from who knows which cosplay, but I’m glad a got to dispose of 2 cans of paint!)
  • Black material (no idea why I had it)
  • An old, thin belt (from high school)
  • Old tablecloth
  • 2-year-old Spirit Gum

Step 3. Coffee and Crunch Time

maleficent staff diy

You can see me putting this cosplay together on my IG stories under the WIP highlight.

I started by making the headpiece. I cut out patterns on the 6mm EVA foam and glued it together with contact cement. Then I marked designs into the horns with my wood burner. I ended up painting and gluing the leaves and black tablecloth to the headpiece to give it more of a 3-dimensional look.

For the bodysuit, I etched out a design in the stomach area that looked similar to the cuts in the Maleficent costume. I cut it out using sewing scissors. I had to be very, very careful. When I put it on, I glued the dangling pieces of fabric with my old Spirit Gum so that it appeared to be one full piece.

For the skirt, all I did was hot glue the old black fabric to an old belt. I played around with the way it draped and then started cutting into it. It could probably use a more delicate touch, but for the time being, it worked out pretty good.

The staff was my favorite part. And honestly, the thought of making this is what drove me to make the Maleficent cosplay in the first place. Not the sewing machine, but the fact that I could add another cool prop to my collection.

I cut down PVC pipe using a saw and then set to work sanding it down. This helps so that the spray paint will stick to the plastic. As an added measure, I also twisted tape and Saran wrap along the entire pole. This helped sell the illusion that the staff was a tree branch (instead of what it actually is… a bunch of garbage). Then I went crazy and started spray painting the entire thing with old tan paint.

While I waited for that to dry, I fished out the clear Chrismas ornament and green and glittery nail polish. You can watch the full tutorial here for how I made the top glowy part of her staff. When the paint was dry, I glue dthe bottom half of the ornament to the top of the pipe with contact cement and hot glue.

Step 4. The Finishing Touches on My Maleficent Cosplay

To give you an idea of how all of this actually played out: on the 15th at 2 p.m. I still had to cut out the bodysuit and embellish the headpiece. I was still wanting to do the wire feathered skirt. The giant pieces of foam were still drying in my bathtub.

By 5 p.m. I was adding cotton balls, teeth, and flowers to my staff and weathering it with black acrylic paint. It was around the same time that I realized that the wired skirt was a lost cause. Keep in mind that I still had to do Maleficent makeup and do a photoshoot by 11 pm EST. No amount of coffee was working for me.

My plan was to have my boyfriend take pictures of me outside, but I didn’t want to find a place and then drag him outside at 9 p.m when my makeup was finally done. So this was the end result, complete with a collective sigh of relief. 

diy maleficent cosplay

I didn’t end up winning the contest, but I was able to prove to myself (once again!) that procrastination, coffee, and I are like peas in a pod.

Have you ever made a cosplay out of scraps? Should we like… start a hashtag trend and call it #recycledcosplay? If you end up doing this unofficial cosplay challenge, please leave a comment below and tag me on Instagram so I can see!

My Other Crazy Cosplay Concoctions
Five Ways To Make Fake Freckles

Five Ways To Make Fake Freckles

5 ways to fake

CLICK here to watch the VIDEO!

YouTube has an endless amount of repeat tutorials on how to make fake freckles with makeup. So in my video, I just decided to briefly discuss the methods I think work the best and which ones might be better depending on your situation.

Are you putting on faux freckles to go to a convention? You’ll probably want to use alcohol activated paints over water-based paints. Likewise, if you’re having a neutral, easy photoshoot indoors, then the eyeshadow or pencil method might be the most accessible for you (because chances are, you already have the supplies).

Here’s a more in-depth analysis of my 5 Ways To Freckle video! Oh, and there are links to where you can buy the products I mention.

Method 1: Eye/Lip Liner

The first method is the easiest and probably the go-to for anyone who isn’t actively using makeup or cosplay. All you need to do is take a brown eye or lip liner and poke dots on ya face. I actually like to gently twist the pencil to get prominent marks. You can do this with varying pressures, but generally, this option is going to make the most unrealistic looking freckles.

However, this is a great option if you are cosplaying a cartoon character such as Eliza Thornberry, Chucky Doll, or really any anime character because their freckles are obviously drawings so this method will actually look more accurate with these characters.

Method 2: Eyeshadow

This is another one that is used quite often. I think this is a great option if you are cosplaying a character who has faint freckles such as Rapunzel. Just take a dark-colored brown eyeshadow and a fine-tipped brush and gently dot freckles all over your face. This is also an easy clean up if you don’t like the way your freckles are coming out. The downside to this method is that the eyeshadow won’t be very prominent, which is important for the sake of showing up in photos.

Method 4: Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow gel is another easy method, but I think it’s a better one if you are going out to a convention where you will need your freckles to stay on for hours on end. Get a gel brow wand that has a spoolie tip and use it to dot freckles on your face. I used Maybelline Brow Drama in Blonde. The brush on this automatically gives me diverse-looking freckles for that more genuine look. This would be a great option for someone like Merida who’s freckles are quite fierce.

Method 4: The Stipple Sponge

Your last option is to use a stipple sponge. I learned this from Glam and Gore who has a whole video on this method so I won’t dive too deep into it.

But pretty much you can take a stipple sponge and some kind of paint, whether it be cream-based paints, alcohol or water-activated paints. Gently wet the stipple sponge, dip it in your paints, practice a few times of your hand, and then gently pat your face to create realistic looking freckles.

This is probably my favorite option because I think it gives the best illusion. I actually used this for my Chuckie cosplay (event though Method 1 would give a more accurate cartoon representation).

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And obviously, the 5th method was a joke 😉

The general rule of thumb when creating faux freckles is to set your face with a primer and your foundation of choice before choosing your method. After using any one of these tactics to create your freckles, I also suggest going over the dots with a damp beauty blender or one with a small amount of residual foundation on it to create a more natural appearance.

Also be sure to use powder or some kind of setting spray if you need these freckles to last throughout your day, whether you are doing a photoshoot or you are going to a convention.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. If you want to know more about my Mary Jane cosplay, check out the link below.

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