CamoEyes Colored Contacts Review

CamoEyes Colored Contacts Review - Cosplay and Coffee

I am brand new to the colored-contact community. In fact, I’m so new that I had never even had an eye doctor appointment until I decided to add colored contacts into my cosplay supply kit. That’s right: I’m a contact virgin. When I spoke with CamoEyes about trying out their products, I was hesitant at first. I knew I wanted (needed, really) colored contacts to really make my cosplays stand out, but in the back of my mind I was scared to death to put them anywhere near my eyes. But I sucked it up and ordered two pairs of CamoEyes colored contacts to try out.

CamoEyes Colored Contacts Review

CamoEyes Colored Contacts Review


Colored Contact #1: Emerald Green Contacts

Emerald Green Colored Contacts- CamoEyes Colored Contacts Review - Cosplay and Coffee lazyload

Emerald Green Colored Contacts from CamoEyes


I can’t remember specifically why I chose these color contacts. It may have been for my Elphaba cosplay, or my everyday Scar cosplay (cat eye shaped contacts aren’t that versatile). But my favorite ended up being the shot I took in my casual Harriet Potter cosplay. Everyone knows that despite Daniel Radcliffe’s gorgeous blue eyes, they were supposed to be “like his mother’s.” And Lilly Potter’s eyes were green, dammit!


Colored Contact #2: White Mesh Contacts

White Mesh Colored Contacts - CamoEyes Colored Contacts Review - Cosplay and Coffee

White Mesh Colored Contacts from Camo Eyes


Right off the bat, I knew I needed these. For a Lady Deadpool cosplay, my upcoming Princess Kida cosplay, or pretty much any character I wanted to give a dead-eye look to. I had heard that it’s extremely difficult to see out of these, but honestly, I think that they are a must-have for a cosplayer’s tool box. So I was quick to add them to my cart.



The price! A pair of contacts for about $30 isn’t too shabby considering some websites charge that much for a single contact lens. What really sold me on CamoEyes, however, was that it was the first colored contact site to show up during my research for care and wear of colored contacts. I had read some scary stories about using these carelessly, but CamoEyes insists that you get approval from you optometrist before you can put in your order! It really speaks to their professionalism and care for their customers.

And the colors really POP! Well, the green ones anyway. And the white mesh contacts really did a great job of freaking my boyfriend out. These white out mesh ones are a little hard to see out of, so I caution you to not wear these while driving!

Wearing contacts took some getting used to, but in the end, they were comfortable to wear. Their customer service was even better, and speaking with Chris, I could tell that he’s really passionate about the business he’s grown.


As I mentioned, I was a contact virgin. That meant that my eyes did NOT like having foreign objects smothered onto them without preparation. That being said, it took a LOT of time and effort to get these in. Like, a lot of time. I received these sometime in late April. I tried for literally hours to get them in my eyes and I just couldn’t do it. The process freaked me out so much that I waited until now– June– to try again. It was probably due to my lack of expertise rather than the contacts themselves, but the end result was that my eyes hurt really bad the first time I wore the green ones. I have since learned that simply putting in some eye drops before you put in the contacts will prevent me from getting dry or uncomfortable eyes. I also find that wearing these outside of cosplay (just to get used to) helps immensely. 


So I give CamoEyes 5/5 steaming cups of coffee per our rating system for excellent customer service and even better products! 

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Grab your own pair of CamoEyes here!


What do you think of these contacts Let us know in the comments below!


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