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SFX Basics: Spirit Gum






I have purchased 13 wigs off of Amazon so far, and the collection is ever-growing. Despite running into a few terrible quality products, there are actually great wigs to be found on Amazon!
So here are a handful that turned out to be incredible, lasting products to use for my cosplays.

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MegaCon Orlando 2018 Review: The Pros and Cons

MegaCon Orlando 2018 Review: The Pros and Cons

Everyone has a different experience when they go to these conventions, and this year, I felt it was important to keep that in mind as I roamed the convention halls. With this thought in my back pocket, I was able to compile what I hope to be a helpful MegaCon Orlando Review: the Pros and Cons.

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Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview

Doctor Cosplay Q&A Interview

Meet Doctor Cosplay- one of today’s most vivacious and distinct cosplayers! See her cosplays and hear her story in Cosplay and Coffee’s Cosplayer of the Week Q&A interview!

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SabersPro Mando Darksaber Blade Review: Pros & Cons of the Mandelorian Darksaber Blade

Thinking about getting a decent lightsaber from a reputable company? Here is my HONEST SabersPro lightsaber review for their Mandalorian darksaber blade.

Captain Marvel Flight Suit Costume Review – Stitch’s Loft Movie Accurate Cosplay

Stich Loft offers a movie-accurate Captain Marvel flight suit, complete with patches! Here’s my review on the costume’s details, fit, and feel!

DIY Mary Jane Spider-Man Shirt

DIY Spider-Man T-shirt: A quick and easy tutorial on how I made my Mary Jane Spider-Man shirt! Get the printable design here!