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SFX Basics: Spirit Gum




6 Best Cosplay Stores

6 Best Cosplay Stores

Want to know which stores supply the best cosplay costumes? These are my top 6 recommend cosplay stores that sell full cosplays and other supplies!

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New Year, New Cosplays

New Year, New Cosplays

Having trouble concentrating and staying on track with your cosplays? I created a Cosplan Workbook to help keep you organized. See my 2019 cosplans here!

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DIY Doug Funny Quailman Cosplay

Remember Doug Funny? What about his dog Porkchop and his alter ego… Quailman? Here’s a quick DIY Quailman cosplay tutorial for men and women

How-To: Dexters Laboratory Costume

How-To make your very own Dexters Laboratory costume! This is your virtual shopping list with links to everything you’ll need (for both men and women).

Chuckie Finster Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Cosplay Supply Link for my Chuckie Finster DIY cosplay and makeup tutorial on YouTube!