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SFX Basics: Spirit Gum




SFX Basics: Spirit Gum

SFX Basics: Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum is a great starter tool for gluing your SFX prosthetics and even for holding down wigs! Learn how you can use Spirit Gum for your cosplays!

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Chuckie Finster Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial

Cosplay Supply Link for my Chuckie Finster DIY cosplay and makeup tutorial on YouTube!

DIY Home Cosplay Studio – Cosplay Supply Link

Looking for a setup to take your own cosplay photos? Here are a few level options for a DIY Home Cosplay Studio with links to equipment!

Southside Serpents Jacket Review from Luca Jackets

Looking for a bonafide Southside Serpents jacket? I got one from Luca Jackets & did a FULL YouTube review. Here’s the blog where I lay out the pros & cons