Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial

Anti-Gwenom’s Backstory

By: Tiffani Daniel

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It’s been years since Gwen Stacey was stripped of her role as New York’s heroine—Spider-Gwen. When she was forced to save Mary Jane from Venom, Gwen put herself in danger in order to thwart the symbiote’s attempt to consume MJ. With her ferocity combined with her powers as Spider-Gwen, she was able to stop the parasitic monster from taking MJ as its host. 

However in the plight of MJ’s rescue, the symbiote turned it’s attention towards Gwen. As the liquid parasite jumped to her, she clawed her way through the venom, making her partially blinded and scarred in one eye. The symbiote mysteriously found itself unable to bond to her, but the remnants that clung to Spider-Gwen embedded itself until she was transformed into something different. Something darker.



*This is a completely original concept, not meant to be derived from any existing comic or story-line. This backstory synopsis is just for fun, made to along with pre-existing characters, that I did not create. Ownership and creation of these names of characters belong to Marvel Comics.


Anti-Gwenom Makeup Tutorial


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What You’ll Need:



Here is the One-Minute tutorial that I posted on my Instagram to go along with the Anti-Gwenom cosplay!



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