AMAZON FAVORITES: Electronics Edition

Feel free to laugh at my photo editing skills.


One statement that I have said and will stand by ruthlessly is this: If you want to be a successful cosplayer, you need Amazon Prime. It is my Bible, my savior, my MUST-HAVE investment as an aspiring global cosplayer. It has saved my butt in numerous last-minute cosplay scrambles, and has subsequently left devastation to my bank account. My apartment is always littered with Amazon Prime boxes, and when I realized this, I decided that I was somewhat of an Amazon Prime shopping expert, so I might as well tell you guys what some of my absolute favorite Amazon products have been.

I have purchased wigs, SFX makeup, and even full cosplays off of this site, and every purchase is a gamble. You never know the quality you’re going to get even if you stick with tried and true Amazon sellers. I personally like to find the best deal, so I research different products thoroughly before I click that ‘Buy Now’ button. This tactic has brought me to buy from various Amazon “stores”, which have resulted in cosplay product goldmines. It has also supplied me with some of the worst quality cosplay products that were returned immediately.

But instead of just dishing out arbitrary good/bad Amazon reviews here, I’m going to shed a light on some Amazon products that I have purchased and that I highly recommend. In this very first edition of my Amazon Favorites, I’m going to show you some of the best electronics that I have bought off of Amazon that are not only terrific quality, but products that have helped me propel my cosplay career.

And some things I just think are neat.

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1. Movo Executive Lavalier Clip-on Interview Microphone 

Electronics for Cosplayers

This is the very first investment I took for my YouTube channel. It’s exactly what the title says: a lavalier microphone that works great for interviewing people. I have used it on numerous occasions to interview cosplayers at conventions.

Pros: Increases sound quality IMMENSELY. Portable, omni-directional, easy to use, can use on up to 2 people at once, and it has a decent-length cord. It works at great conventions because the microphone is clipped right on to you and your interviewee so convention noise isn’t too noticeable.

Cons: This device ONLY connects to smartphones or iPads, which meant I was SOL once I finally got my DSLR camera. It’s still okay to use if you want to record the audio on your phone and sync it to your video later, but you’ll have to research sound editing in order to do this properly. 


2.  SanDisk 128GB

Electronics for Cosplayers

This baby became an absolute necessity once I started filming tutorials. Interviews can be wrapped up in about 15 minutes, which is fine if you’re just trying to fit one video on a 16GB card. But filming tutorials/making cosplay/putting on SFX makeup takes some time, and with this big of a disk, I literally never have to worry about running out of memory. Ever.


Cons: Nothing. It’s the best thing to ever enter my life.

(Jk it’s a little pricey, but worth it. I recommend it over the 16 GB at least).


3.  Amazon Basics Wireless Remote Control for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Electronics for Cosplayers

If you don’t have anyone to take your cosplay photos for you (or if you’re like me and you feel awkward af when anyone takes your pictures), this comes in handy.  It’s pretty much just a small remote that you can set up to your DSLR camera with or without the self-timer.

Pros: Makes it ten times easier to get cosplay shots by yourself. Portable, easy to set up, works with pretty much all DSLRs. Extremely affordable.

Cons: You have to reconnect the remote to your camera any time you turn it off. But again, it’s an easy set-up, so this is just a minor inconvenience. 


4. Curtain String Lights, 9.8ft

Electronics for Cosplayers

This is just a personal preference, but I love this as a backdrop option for my YouTube videos (and even some photos). They may be a little cliche, but hey, when it works, it works.

Pros: Super bright. Will mostly fit across/down any wall size because there are so many strings of lights. Multiple light setting options (flicker, stagnant, etc).

Cons: Gets extremely tangled any time you move them. It also doesn’t come in multiple colors, which is something I wish I had thought about looking into before I made this purchase.


5.  Macro Ring 48 LED Power Light 

Electronics for Cosplayers

This was the first “ring light” I purchased for better lighting using my DSLR. It’s about $100 cheaper than traditional, stand-up ring lights so it’s great if you’re on a budget.

Pros: Lighting is essential for cosplay photos and videos, so if you don’t have easy access to natural light, or you shoot at night a lot, this is a great money-saving option. Works with various DSLR cameras, easily attachable, and doesn’t require any batteries.

Cons: It only works well for close-up shots. If you’re looking to get full cosplay shots, you might want to invest in some box lights or a bigger ring light.



BONUS! Nintendo Classically Trained T-Shirt


Cosplay Wish List

This obviously isn’t an electronic, but it symbolizes my love for all types of electronics! I saw this shirt originally modeled by Danielle Denicola and she pulls it off beautifully! So naturally I have to have it to see if I can look just as casually glamorous. This is on my Amazon Wish List, if anyone is interested (hint, hint).

(jk, not really a hint.  You can get it if you want. But obviously you don’t have to. It would just be cool You’re cool. Okay, bye).




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