Recently, Cosplay & Coffee held our first every contest and giveaway for the Best Wonder Woman Cosplay Contest. The winner received a special Wonder Woman Pop figure and a feature on 5 cosplay pages! 

The contest has been closed, and the winner has been chosen, but we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who entered and followed the rules! In honor of the contestants, we put together a gallery of all the lovely ladies who entered and continue to support Cosplay & Coffee.

Special shoutout to our judges pages; Make sure you give them all a follow!



Our other contestants:

Miss Felicity Davis

Christina McDaniel Official

Golden Lasso Girl

Ally Cat Cosplay


Kimichi Kosplay



Here's my entry for the @cosplay_and_coffee Wonder Woman Cosplay Contest! I think this is the cosplay that I'm most proud of because I really tried to push myself to test my skills and learn new techniques….plus I've never made anything quite this intricate. This is the first fully armored costume I've done and I think I'm hooked now! ? I put a lot of passion and detail into making this because I really wanted to show my respect for the character. I made the entire costume from scratch other than the shield and sword which I just repainted to better match. I used a combination of thicker craft foam, EVA foam and black worbla for the materials. The lasso lights up as well but its too bright out so I left it off! ? -Surprisingly I think I had a harder time making the leg armor than the top!!! Lol! **Fingers crossed for me!!** ?? ————————————————— #wonderwoman #wonderwomancosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #costume #costumer #cosplaygirl #womenofcosplay #curvy

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Paisley and Glue


The Collected Mutineer

I'm still having trouble expressing how amazing #wonderwomanfilm is. I've seen it three times, and each time I've cried like a baby. I've considered myself a feminist for many years, but I never really stopped to think about how starved I was for a movie just like this. I sincerely hope we get more films to follow in these footsteps, with even more representation for women everywhere. We all deserve to see ourselves as strong, capable, compassionate heroes. . . . ?: @collectresscosplay #WonderWoman: @thecollectedmutineer . . . #wonderwomancosplay #dianaprince #dianaprincecosplay #womenofcosplay #girlswhocosplay #cncmodel #cosplaylife #cosplaymodeling #dccomics #dccosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #thecollectedcosplayers #wonderwomanmovie #badasswoman #fuckthepatriarchy #wonderwomanday

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