I’ve always loved costumes and dressing up, though I rarely had the chance come Halloween (for years, the only time I thought I was able to actually go all out in costumes without weird stares from strangers). Halloween is usually a busy time for me work-wise, plus costumes are expensive. Every year, I would come up with a list of five or more killer costumes, with the prospective excitement getting me all the way through October with my costume ideas simply remaining a list on a sheet of paper.  To this day, only about three “basic” costumes sit my closet.

my first convention
Basic Costume #1


Cosplaying always seemed a bit eccentric to me as a reserved person. But the concept was exciting. Besides having next to no costumes in my closet, I assume most of my friends would never be interested in attending conventions with me anyway. I left the idea of cosplaying for the more free-spirited and crafty.

When MegaCon came to Orlando, it was set up at the convention center that is quite literally just a block from my home. I spoke with my sister (a HUGE Disney and anime fan) and we promised each other that we would go to this one. The last week of May 2016 was busy for out family with a multitude of graduations and parties to attend. In the midst of one particular celebratory weekend, I made my Female Thor costume within twelve hours.

female thor cosplay-my first convention
My first cosplay

The next morning, I was blown away by the size of the crowd that took up the convention center. What was even more impressive was the extent these people went to create their elaborate cosplays. I, myself, donned an everyday pair of pleather pants and black tube top with craft foam and a cape in a hasty attempt to look like I’ve done this before.

At the time, I wasn’t privy to the art that is cosplaying. Some cosplayers were more elaborate than others, but overall, the enthusiasm was the same. To be under a roof with a masquerade of fandoms and their admirers is simply indescribable. I’ve been under the mass umbrella that gathers Harry Potter fans from around the world, and have seen the unrequited love they have for the Harry Potter universe. But Mega Con, and cons all around the country, is a home for fans of Harry Potter, Anime, Star Wars, and any of ultimate movie extraordinaire you can think of. Cosplaying essentially gives fans the chance to feel like a part of their favorite worlds.

female thor-my first convention
The best part about cosplaying


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