By Brandon Isaacson

I’ve learned a lot in the tips and tricks way of cosplay through the wonderful world of the Internet.

One tip I can offer is a dress form that is fitted to you. The duct tape dress form has helped me a lot in crafting my McThor armor. If you’ve never made one then you’re in store for some fun with this helpful tip.

What You’ll Need:

-Saran Wrap

-Duct Tape

– A Friend


How much saran wrap and duct tape is dependent of how much area you are trying to cover. You’ll also need a friend to help with this. You’ll want to wear clothes you don’t mind getting¬†ruined. I wear a white T-shirt and gym shorts.

Now that you are dressed, have your friend wrap the saran wrap around you. Make sure you are covered completely. This is so the duct tape doesn’t stick to you.

Once you are covered you start wrapping the covered areas in duct tape. Make sure no areas of saran wrap are left uncovered. Once you are fully covered (and pretty much unable to move) that is when you need to get cut out. Carefully with a pair of scissors, cut from the back of the neck down the middle until you reach the middle or lower back. If you taped the arms and legs you will want to start from the wrist/ankles and work your way towards the body with the scissors. Once you work yourself out you have a duct tape you!

Now, you can fill this cast with many things. Newspaper, expanding foam, or the cotton batting you you use for stuffed animals (you can get this at Walmart, Joann’, or most hobby stores). Once you’ve stuffed it, tape it back up and you have a perfect dress form that is fit to your body.


You can use McThor’s advice on how to make body armor to go with Erika Cosplay’s Tips and Tricks for arm armor!
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