With the new Beauty and the Beast film (starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad) comes a plethora of new cosplay ideas. We’re used to the original Belle in the glowing yellow ballgown cosplay look, but there is a whole new concept with Watson’s new yellow dress. It’s lighter, layered, and embedded with Swarovski crystals and gold trimmings. And the Dan Evans as the Beast gives men and women a like to practice their SFX skills if they wish to recreate the new Beast looks.

With that in mind, we’re dedicating this post to showing you a few ways Cosplay & Coffee and other cosplayers have brought out own Beauty and the Beast cosplays to life!


DIY Lumiere and Cogsworth Cosplays  Lumiere & Cogsworth

Image result for emma watson belle necklace  Belle Accessories- Coming Soon!

Related image  Belle Yellow Dress- Coming Soon!


If you have done your own Beauty and the Beast cosplay and want to share your secrets with the cosplay community, contact us at cosplayandcoffee@yahoo.com!


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