Brandon Gilbert Suit Designs Come to Life

When it comes to the cosplay world, it seems that having a skintight suit is a staple in everyone’s cosplay closet. How else can one personify Spiderman, Spidergwen, or a character from their favorite video games like Super Smash Bros?

Lately, there have been a couple of suits that have caught the eye of the Internet. And on close observation, it seems that these glorious suits are all being designed by the same man.

Brandon Gilbert is an exceptionally talented Dyesub artist, who has taken his love for art to a whole new level. We wanted to get to know Brandon a little more, so we had a talk with him about his recent designs going viral. Besides his clear love for cosplaying, Brandon has a solid background that will certainly send this artist to new heights.


You can see more of Brandon’s knockout suits on his website.  Don’t forget to follow him on social media, and share your love for his awesome designs!

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