Female Thor

My first cosplay #femalethor #forthewin
My first cosplay #femalethor #forthewin

This cosplay was inspired by Lori Bloom a.k.a Miss Pirate Savvy. Initially, my sister and I planned to cosplay at our first con as gender-bent versions of Thor and Loki, but with time restrictions, my sister had to bow out of the duo. Thankfully, I found Miss Bloom’s Youtube Channel, which made my first cosplay relatively easily, while still managing to stand out. I absolutely loved making it, and it propelled my love for cosplaying.

The best part about cosplaying #kids #superheroes
The best part about cosplaying #kids #superheroes

Kids asking to take pictures with me was absolutely the best part. At first I didn’t know how to respond as moms called out, “Thor! My son wants a picture with you.” Thor? Moi? Still, it was amazing that my simple pleather pants, tube top, and craft foam appealed to the childrens’ imaginations.

Meeting Cosplay Goddesses
Meeting Cosplay Goddesses

This is also where I first learned about extraordinary cosplayers, such as #IvyDoomkitty. Props to her for being such an inspirational leader.

A breakdown on where I got my material:

  • Cape: 2 yards silk material found at Micahels. I cut it in half and ammature-ly glued the edges together (I still have to work on my sewing capabilities).
  • Pleather pants: Target
  • Boots: I’ve this pair for years. I call them my “badass boots” and I got them from a store called Traffic.
  • Tube Top: Charlotte Russe, maybe?
  • Hammer: Party City
  • Armor: Craft foam is from Walmart. The spray paint and Modge Podge I used to cover it is from there as well (see DIY Crafts). The accent black paint is from Michaels!
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