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Some of us who are newer in the cosplay world have yet to learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to completing an outfit. We may be expert dressmakers, or sfx makeup artists, but, if you’re like me, then hairstyling remains a mystery. A big, awful, tangled mystery. Also, if you’re like me, you chop all your hair off to avoid the beastly curling iron, and while short hair is very functional in the day-to-day, for cosplay it creates a sometimes underwhelming silhouette in your pictures.

And let’s not forget that sometimes we need bubblegum pink hair for a cosplay, and, well, maybe our boss wouldn’t be okay with that.

Allow me to introduce you to a company that has saved my life (and my hair) many times over: Epic Cosplay Wigs.

I first found Epic Cosplay on accident, back in 2013 when I went to my very first Supernatural convention and wanted to cosplay the angel Castiel. I’m a natural blonde, and I didn’t want to dye my hair dark for just one day. A quick search of the internet later, I found Epic Cosplay. I did a panic rush order–the con was just over two weeks away–and I wanted to be certain it arrived on time.

Epic Cosplay Wig Review
Photo by: JK Caesar


It arrived the next freaking day.

No, not business day. Next day.

And, it’s free shipping within the United States. If you live locally, you can even pick up your purchase from their warehouse in Santa Ana, California.

I was impressed. I began purchasing more wigs from Epic Cosplay, even having them shipped to London when I attended school there. They always arrived in a timely fashion, even when going through customs.

The pricing is not too bad, either. They have regular sales, and prices on wigs range from $30-65, the more expensive end being their lace-front style, Scylla. Their extensions are anywhere from $2-9, and on sale, they’re usually around $1 (which is why I own about a dozen).

And the quality? Top notch. I met Neil Jackson, best known as the Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow, while wearing the Diana style in copper red, and he thought it was my real hair. Even my Ariel wig, which is the Iris in Dark Red, has been mistaken for my real hair (though that time, I was in a dimly-lit hallway at a convention center so it could have been a mistake). The wigs are soft, easily combed through, and easily styled. I recently purchased the Diana (yes, I have three wigs in the same style; I’m a creature of habit) style in Dark Brown, and up-styled it for Irene Adler. Remember how I said I’m not good at hairstyling? I’m not, but I’m still proud of how this turned out.

Epic Cosplay Wig Review
Photo by: Geri Kramer photography


That upstyle lasted through two photoshoots with hardly a need for touch-up, which brings me to my next point: the wigs photograph beautifully. This is especially important for cosplayers who do a lot of photoshoots. There isn’t much “wig shine” on Epic Cosplay products, but what does come through in photographs looks like natural, healthy, shiny hair–which is what we want, right?


Epic Cosplay Wig Review
Photo by: The Collected Mutineer

Unfortunately, as with any item produced in large quantities, there is always one or two that may have a flaw or two. After years of purchasing through Epic Cosplay, I received a defective wig last year (my first Ariel wig!) that shed way too much. I contacted them through their website, send pictures of the wig–and the shedding–and they responded within a day and offered me a partial refund or a replacement, free of charge. Their customer support is very friendly, and very responsive to inquiries. As much as I dread dealing with returns normally, for Epic Cosplay is was a painless process and now I have an Ariel wig that I’m very happy with.

In short, if you’re looking for new cosplay wigs, check out Epic Cosplay. The people are friendly, the wigs are beautiful, and, did I mention the free shipping? The company often has a booth at conventions in California and beyond, so you could check out their wigs in-person if you prefer.Be sure to check out their website and other social media (especially if you live in California because they regularly have warehouse sales!)

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