craft foam
Craft Foam for armor, jewelry, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

This is an essential item for your cosplayer toolbox. It is best used for creating unique and impressive armor for your costumes. Not to mention, it’s easy! Craft foam comes in all colors (don’t fret too much over that; you’ll be spray painting over it anyway). It’s really easy to cut and glue together to make the perfect addition to your cosplays.

Where to get Craft Foam:

Your best bet is to get this product from any one of these stores that you can find locally.

  • Michael’s
  • Walmart
  • JoAnn’s

However, you might want to stock up on this item.  I recommend buying in bulk from eBay or Amazon. If you plan on making a lot of cosplays (especially ones that require a lot of armor detail), then your best bet is to get the roll of craft foam. It’s relatively cheap and it allows you to make as much as you need for your cosplays with no limits. Not to mention, it helps that you aren’t limited to the 11×17 inches of craft foam that you get from the smaller packs at your local store.

  • Ebay
  • Amazon

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