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Lonstermash Meets Hugh Jackman Photo by Ning Wong

Cosplaying is an outlet that many of us creators use as a way to sort of idolize our favorite characters. There is something about crafting a costume yourself and then channeling your inner Belle or Batman to bring that character to life. The only thing that could be more thrilling would be to meet the actor that plays your favorite cosplay character. And Lonstermash, an well-known Wolverine cosplayer, did just that.

The recent release of Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine film, Logan, has not only smashed box office records, but it’s also a farewell to the Wolverine character. Jackman told Lonstermash that, although he will miss it terribly (after 17 years playing the role of Logan), he knew it was time to hang up the claws.

Lonstermash was invited by Fox to interview Jackman to talk about Logan and why Jackman is saying goodbye to the iconic role. It is truly thrilling and to see a fellow cosplayer meet their idols, so we talked with Lonstermash about how his cosplays earned him a seat in front of Hugh Jackman.

Cosplay&Coffee: How were you approached to interview the cast and crew of Logan?

Lonstermash: A rep from 20th Century Fox simply private messaged me one day on my Facebook page, asking me how I would interview the cast.  There was a similar thing going on with a popular website’s contest to find the biggest Wolverine/Hugh Jackman fan. But Fox apparently selected me all along and solidified the selection after liking my response!

Cosplay&Coffee: How did you react?

LM:  I thought it was too good to be true after they told me I had the job soon after. I assumed that it was somehow going to fall through (as many cool things like this have in my life, lol).  But once they sent me the hotel and airfare confirmation a few days before the trip, I was beyond ecstatic!!!  (Or should I say, “X-static?”)

Cosplay&Coffee: Meeting the actor you cosplay as must have been a surreal moment. How did you feel moments before meeting Hugh Jackman?

LM: It certainly was.  We went in to interview him one by one. When the interviewer before me went in, Hugh saw me in the doorway.  We smiled at each other, and I raised my claws and heard him say, “OH MAN—–LOOK WHO’S ON DECK!!!”

So I was really confident at that point that it was going to be a great interaction (which it was).  I am used to interviewing people on camera at conventions, so I felt pretty confident that I would do a good job. And my previous interviews that day with Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, and James Mangold went VERY well and felt very relaxed and added to my confidence. 

Cosplay&Coffee: Which X-Men related-movie (any of the X-Mens, Wolverine, Logan, etc) has got to be your favorite?

LM:  Logan!  It is unlike any other superhero movie. It felt more like a great Western. It relied more on character interaction and emotion than on action and special effects.  Don’t get me wrong—I love the other movies and other superhero movies as well. but this one felt more like a real story of a man, his father figure, and his unexpected daughter, and how he has to stop fearing what he fears the most— love and connection with others.

“This one felt more like a real story of a man…”

Cosplay&Coffee: Where do you plan on taking your cosplay career? Any ultimate goals?

LM:  Well, at almost 47 years of age, I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing my cosplay career at the level I am used to, as I rely on my fitness and appearance for my characters.  And, unfortunately, as a male cosplayer, I have very little ability to sell prints, etc.  So I don’t know.  I have already exceeded my wildest dreams, though.  

I would love to star in a fan film if someone would just approach me for one (as I don’t have the time or resources to make my own). I played Batman in my good buddy Angi Viper’s Catwoman fan film 3 years ago, and I had a blast (check it out on her YouTube channel).  I really love doing the interviews, and I’d love to get hired to do this by a big company, too.

Cosplay&Coffee: What other new characters do you plan to cosplay as?

LM: At this time, none.  It’s a big commitment to being Logan, with my facial hair and all. When I do a different character, I have to plan it around not needing a beard for at least 3 weeks.   And I can’t exactly go to a big con and NOT be Wolverine at least one day.  

Cosplay&Coffee: Which conventions will you be at for 2017?

LM: Wondercon, SDCC, Comikaze, and Long Beach Comic Expo, unless a con hires me to attend (but that rarely happens).  I also plan to be at the Fit Expo in Anaheim this summer as Logan as I was earlier this year in Los Angeles, if that counts.

Cosplay&Coffee: Do you personally wish Jackman would have continued to make more films as Wolverine?

LM: Of course!!  He IS Wolverine, and he’s such a marvelous actor, not to mention human being.  You can see how kind and genuine he is in our interview (below).

Cosplay&Coffee: What is something you’ve learned as a cosplayer?

LM: I’ve learned that jealous assholes out there will try to say things about you that are not true simply because of how I look. There are people who find a way to hate you, no matter how much good you do for the world or how much others like your work.  Fortunately, I have had far less of this than many of my friends in the cosplay community, especially my female friends.  

Cosplay&Coffee: Any advice for male cosplayers who wish to be as successful as yourself?

LM:  I’d give them the same advice I’d give the ladies.  Be kind, friendly, and pleasant to your fans at conventions. Practice your posing so that it becomes second nature when someone takes a picture of you at a convention. Have business cards ready to hand out to people who take your pictures or take pictures with you. That way they will hopefully follow your social media and post the images. Credit every photographer and fellow cosplayer you take pictures with.  And do your best to reply to every comment and private message your fans send you—I get commended a lot for doing that!

Watch of Lonstermash’s interview with Hugh Jackman below!


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